17 thoughts on “Lock Up Your Unmentionables

    1. Paolo

      How about this?

      “You don’t need a gun so don’t have one in the house”


      “If you have a gun, you are orders of magnitude more likely to be involved in a shooting incident”

      1. Mark Dennehy

        I think the Americans might object to that.

        And in Ireland, it wouldn’t read terribly well either…

        “You don’t need a gun unless you’re a target shooter, a vet, a farmer, a hunter, an athletics official, the guy who stops fatal birdstrikes at Dublin Airport, or any of about a hundred thousand others, so if you don’t need one, you’re not allowed have one anyway”.

        Doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.

        1. Paolo

          Do you seriously think that this is aimed at the guy preventing bird strikes at LAX? Also, target shooters do not need guns, it’s a past time and frankly, most other people grew out of playing soldiers by the age of 12. Farmers are obliged to keep guns in a safe.

          1. Mark Dennehy

            So you see the bit where I said “Ireland” and “America” and didn’t say they were the same place?

            Also, yes, target shooters need guns. Otherwise we’d be standing there on the line in the Olympics in Rio, looking at the targets and shouting “Bang!” and then saying “Did you see that? Perfect ten!”. I don’t think that’d work, you’d have problems with resolving disputes over how perfect a ten you just shot.

            And we’re all obliged in Ireland to have secure storage, not just farmers (though if they have only one shotgun they have the lowest minimum mandatory level of security required). It’s formalised in SI 307/2009. Gun safes, house alarms, garda inspections, and so on (and those are the mandatory minimums, the Gardai are allowed to require you to have more security if they think it’s necessary). Very different from the system in the US.
            (And it was target shooters and hunters who wrote that law by the way, this is how we like things over here, because we’re not idiots and we have kids ourselves).

            Oh, and the Defence Forces would probably like it if you didn’t say people “played” at being soldiers, they kindof take it seriously, the humourless armed sods…

          2. Paolo

            You brought up Ireland Mark, not me. I’m not sure why. My original comment was based on the US PSA above. Please pay attention.

            By the way, target shooters do not NEED guns. They want guns for their past time. Just like boy racers don’t need modified cars, hare coursers don’t need lurchers and paedos don’t need dirty pictures of children. People need food, water and shelter. Guns are not a human right. Their very existence endangers everyone around them.

  1. Justwakingup

    From Evolve’s ‘About us’ page :
    “….protects gun rights, but gives equal consideration to the moral responsibilities..”

    I reckon moral responsibilities should not be given equal consideration to gun rights. They should be given more.

    This stinks of unwelcome and biased interference from the gun lobby (in the guise of saving lives) in order to make themselves appear responsible (and thus further their campaign to prevent any restrictions on gun ownership – which will really save lives)

    1. Mark Dennehy

      So… the NRA are bad because they’ve started objecting to every kind of gun control mentioned… but this lot are bad because they’re starting to?

      D’ya not think that with things as bad as they are in the US, even a small step in the right direction is a good thing that ought to be welcomed instead of being criticised for not being perfect?

      1. Boom

        Mark you’re confusing your (well balanced imo) reality with the broadsheet comments section where things exist in binary.

  2. Paolo

    Why are sanitary pads considered “unmentionables”? That is a tiny insight into the mind of a gun freak right there.

    1. Cian

      Its from the US, the country where a nipslip on TV or a curse word on radio gets you fined immense amounts of money but the amount of violence allowed in an R-rated movie is huge. Anything to do with “rude” things humans do is not allowed but killing them is.

  3. Em-malicious

    In a weird and messed up way, I just thought to myself that I would be much more upset if my son was bludgeoned to death with a footlong dildo on a playdate than if he was accidentally killed by a firearm.

    Guns are terrible but at least it’s easier to explain to the inlaws. :-/

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