Anything Good In The Daily Dispatch?



Oh the humanity.

Damn you Captain Birdseye.

Dan writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I  found what appears to be a school pupil’s project on the Titanic. It was found outside the Ballsbridge Hotel [formerly Jury’s Hotel] Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 at 3.45pm beside the southbound bus stop. I have left it in the reception of the hotel…


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4 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Daily Dispatch?

  1. LiamZero

    Dan, you fool! This issue of the Daily Dispatch is the rarest of all Titanic memorabilia, rarer than that precious stone the old woman dropped into the sea at the end of the James Cameron documentary. It’s worth millions!

  2. Manta Rae

    Has the Indo gone through another re-design? It’s as about as up-to-date as the Indo, although the copy isn’t as slapdash as the Indo’s…

  3. linbinius

    Probably best they lost it. Needs a complete redesign. Total disregard for staying inside the lines. Fooling nobody with that bullshit attempt at trying to disguise the uniformed T in the sub…..Times like these i’m glad the kids of today are gonna shoulder a crippling debt. Kick up the arts is what is needed.

    “at about 3 o’clock noon”…..Lord save us…

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