Are You Homesick?



Respondents were asked ‘How often to you feel ‘homesick’?’. The majority of respondents (58.1%) experience homesickness between the range of several times a week and several times a month….

The mmf-inducing results of a survey of 500 recent ex-pats on the ‘migrant experience’ by Catholic-run social care agency Crosscare.

G’wan the 5.33 per cent.

More here: Mind How You Go survey (Crossacre)

15 thoughts on “Are You Homesick?

  1. Nej

    Fair that people feel homesickness… moving country is a rather large affair, and usually takes about a year before you can settle into the new place (I’ve moved about 5 times so far, 6th is impending).

    I’ve found you’ve only as homesick as the ties you keep to your home country. Sure, family, friends and all that are hard to be apart from(And leave behind), but if you’re moving country, you should immerse yourself in the new culture, make new friends, build a new life. That is to say, look to the future, not to the past.

    As cruel as it sounds, you’ve made a choice (Or forced into one, either way..) to move country, you might as well go all in, rather than be physically in a foreign country, but leaving your heart at home. That path leads to nothing good.

  2. newsjustin

    Crosscare is the social care agency of the RC Archdiocese of Dublin – not “just” a migrant group.

    One answer to the question: “what has the catholic church ever done for us?”

  3. TheQ47

    “The majority of respondents (58.1%) experience homesickness between the range of several times a week and several times a month”

    Not true. It’s simple maths.
    Several Times a Month = 15.57%
    Once a Week = 12.50%
    Several Times a Week = 11.07%
    15.57 + 12.50 + 11.07 = 39.14%

    Where are the other 18.96%?

  4. Rotter

    I get homesick a few times a week. A good read of the latest articles on Gorse Hill, Irish Water and Conor McGregor’s fans etc tends to quell such feelings instantly….

  5. ahjayzis

    Never really homesick. Miss it and all, but not in a melancholic kind of way.

    But then I’ve always been such a massive West Brit coming to London was like coming home ;)

  6. Starina

    I only get homesick in the spring when this darned country has been dark, cold and wet for 6 months…maybe my mistake was emigrating FROM the states TO Ireland.

  7. Rob

    Who the hell do they ask? I employ a fair few irish people abroad and i have to say Homesickness is never an issue.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Ah you know the type. Do nothing but go to Irish bars, have Irish friends, wear a GAA jersey all the time they’re not in work, hunt for the local shop that stocks Taytos, etc etc and never attempt to feel part of the local community.

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