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In September 1948 a draft memorandum prepared for the first Inter-Party government claimed that ‘a great many of the young girls who emigrate to Britain become pregnant’.many of the reports are tragic and alarming in the extreme.

The continued emigration of large numbers of young women is a disquieting feature of our national life and one which gives rise to serious concern on moral, social and demographic grounds’.

‘Bad girls’: When the Irish State sought to ban emigration of young women to Britain (John Gibney, Irish Times)

Orla writes:

At no point in this otherwise thorough article (above) does the author consider a key reason many young women were leaving Ireland in droves was so they could keep their babies….

In fairness.


Free tomorrow?

Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Dublin 8.

From 11am-2.30pm

Renua Ireland has organised a conference  entitled ‘Bring Them Home’, which will focus on creating the conditions for our emigrants to return to Ireland but also to create more support for our taxpayers and working families to stay living in this country.

Among the many speakers will be economist Jim Power, Mark Fielding of Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME) and Eamon Delaney, ex diplomat and director of the Hibernia Forum.

Bring Them Home Conference


‘We Were Nor Raised For Export’

A new Sinn Féin General Election video featuring lovely drone footage of Ireland and excerpts from a speech made by Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire (top) from Carrigaline, Co Cork at the party’s Ard Fheis in 2013 on the Irish emigrant experience.

Sinn Féin

Full speech here

Thanks Oisin


Economic refugees. How are ye?

Niall McCarthy writes:

“Ireland has the highest percentage of people living abroad out of all OECD countries. One out of every six Irish-born people currently resides in another country, illustrating the devastating and enduring impact the global financial crisis has had on the country. Emigration has fallen slightly in Ireland but remains high with 35,300 people leaving in the 12 months to April 2015, a 13 percent drop on the previous year…”

The Countries With The Most People Living Overseas (Statista)


Respondents were asked ‘How often to you feel ‘homesick’?’. The majority of respondents (58.1%) experience homesickness between the range of several times a week and several times a month….

The mmf-inducing results of a survey of 500 recent ex-pats on the ‘migrant experience’ by Catholic-run social care agency Crosscare.

G’wan the 5.33 per cent.

More here: Mind How You Go survey (Crossacre)

Conor - European Commission, Brussels David & Friends - Coolin Irish Pub, Paris Elly & Friends - CairoJulie - SydneyPaul & Friend - KoreaChloe & Family - England
Siobhan - London-2 Chris, Billy & Peter - Arequipa, Peru

Irish Emigrants toasting Xmas from abroad and urging a vote for expats before the next General Election.

An image sharing initiative organised by emigrant lobby group, We’re Coming Back.

Toasting expats can share their toasts on the twitter stream toastforavote.

From top: Conor at the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium; David and friends at Collin Irish pub, Paris, France; Elly and friends, Cairo, Egypt; Julie and friend , Sydney, Australia; Paul and friend, South Korea; Chloe and family, England; Siobhan, London, England; (l-r) Chris, Billy and Peter, Arequipa, Peru.

Thanks Conor O’Neill