13 thoughts on “You Go Girl

  1. Joan Burton

    Sure wont the women just be updating their facebooks on their fancy smart phone with baby pics while off galavanting on maternity leave !
    Why pay them the same rates as men for having their feet up at home on your dime for 9 months !

    Silly women.

  2. Rep

    Ivana Bacik has voted for every austerity motion. Austerity hits women more than men. She never does anything that endangers her career. Why is Village publishing her?

    1. TransOpTrans

      Because they’re a middle-class audience kinda deal or which Bacik is queen. Do you seriously think the TCD grad Labour Luvvies of Dublin 8 and Dublin 6 care about the women of Jobstown?

  3. Jimbob

    Ah balls….

    Said the queen.. if I had two I’d be king.

    Terrible suits all right.. they’re never get (give?) a head in business wearing that.

    On a serious note, having a willy is tottes amazeballs.

  4. joe

    how about this (sorry, not sure if i can post links, so replace xx with tt):
    relates to the U.S., but anyhow…

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