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Leo Varadkar, then Minister for Social protection, launching the ‘Welfare Cheats Cheat Us All’ campaign, April 17, 2017

Via Village magazine [more at link below]:

[Leo Varadkar’s] nastiest single initiative came just before he stood for the leadership of his party, with the fractious ‘Welfare Cheats Cheat Us All’ campaign.

But it positioned Varadkar where he wanted to be.

Imagine being in the prime of your life and at the top of your career and deciding what you want to do is target the most disadvantaged in society, those most discriminated against in the most tangible ways, economically and socially.

Imagine feeling that you want to spell out a message that the most scandalous misappropriations are by the welfare classes not the bankster classes.

Imagine being Minister for Social Protection, representing the classes that have nothing to get up for in the morning and running a campaign that promotes those who get up early in the morning.

…His commitment to equality seems tentative. His commitment to divisiveness, if anything, stronger.

What constitutes robustness when standing up to the clowns in Fianna Fáil accelerates into meanness when deployed against the vulnerable and the impoverished in society.

He recently wrote in the Irish Independent:

“We have allowed society to be divided into one group of people who pay for everything but get little in return due to means-tests, and another who believe they should be entitled to everything for free and that someone else should pay for it”.

The gratuitousness of the divisiveness derives from the simple fact there is no such second group. While he later claimed he intends to unite it, this is cynical rhetoric, for the beef is in the divisiveness.

….Varadkar melds neoliberalism and anodyne blandness. But the glue he deploys is the most interesting thing about the man, for the glue is the glue of nastiness.

Go Easier On The Nastiness (Village)


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“Here is the illustration by Faye Larkin for Master of the High Court Edmund Honohan’s interesting analysis of Apple’s tax arrangements with Ireland. Read the piece on our website.”

Rotten fruit: has anybody actually read the EU Commission’s Apple decision? (Edmund Honohan, Village Magazine)

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The April issue of Village magazine.


We lead this edition of Village with the failure of the Department of the Environment under Simon Coveney to treat seriously what his government describes as its “number one priority”, housing: they can’t even compile useful statistics on housing completions.

As Mel Reynolds first pointed out on these pages, housing-completion figures for last year were – at absolute best – 7300, not the claimed 15,000.

How can you make policy when you don’t even know the scale of the problem you’re addressing; when you have to lie about it?

Editorial, Village magazine (on shelves now)


Editorial, Village magazine

Village magazine



The February issue of Village magazine – on shelves from today – complete with a simple, if frankly gasp-inducing, visual aid for potential Donald Trump assassins.

Via Village:

Donald Trump is a purveyor of hatred, a contrarian anti-liberal, anti-democratic and hostile to a free press, anti-environmental corruptible bully; a liar, misogynist groper and a boor. He developed the political platform you would expect on the back of this persona….

….He holds the reins of power in the most powerful country in the world. He holds the nuclear codes, he can start wars, he can ensure nothing is done about climate change, so that civilisation itself is threatened.

FIRE Fight!

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