16 thoughts on “Cé Thú Fhéin?

  1. karlj

    Is bocht é nach bhfuil aon blas theanga phortaingéilis ar a chanúint.
    Bheadh sé ró-tharraingteach i mo thuairmise..

    1. Calerz

      Yes of course they are jealous but I think that might have something to do with the frustration that they might feel because they can’t speak their language fluently after so many years of learning it in school!!!

      1. cluster

        Blah blah it’s all the way it was taught.

        A lot of us are very keen to blame others for our failings

    1. Ciarzy B

      No, you’ve got it wrong. All Irish speakers are members of the IRA, not middle class.

  2. Joe the Lion

    Well Germany beat then 7 1
    We drew with Germany

    We’re better than Brazil at soccer

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