Where Will It End?



This afternoon.

DIT campus, Grangegorman, Dublin.

Telly’s Eoghan McDermott (above) with models Thalia Heffernan (top left) and Holly Carpenter and  Students from DIT college launching   ‘StandUp4Love’ (which takes place in in Vicar Street on March 19].

‘StandUp4Love’ is a DIT student produced comedy,music and storytelling night aimed at raising funds for the Yes campaign in May’s  Marriage Equality referendum.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



Stephen McGrath writes:

The company I work for, Phorest Salon Software, has decided that they wanted to raise awareness of the upcoming referendum, which I think is just an amazing show of support.. This loading screen for our software [above] will be seen in 2,000 salons and spas in Ireland and the UK. Could not be prouder working here. Maybe other businesses might take a stance…


Phorest Salon Software (Facebook)

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19 thoughts on “Where Will It End?

  1. rotide

    Eoghan’s irritating hair might well be the first and only good reason to vote no in this.

  2. gluck

    Thank God they used models to market this. I was going to vote no but now that good looking people are involved I’d better vote yes.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      For the same reason any business or industry might need a specific type of software?

  3. Soundings

    Was Roz whats-her-name (the one with the Easter Island head on a match stick body) not available?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Its not just a gay issue
      So stop hoggin’ it
      And plastering the pride colours all over it

      Its an equality issue
      Its a human rights issue
      Its a cop d’ück on to ourselves issue
      Its a people issue
      Its my issue

  4. Just sayin'

    I’m not crazy about businesses getting involved in constitutional referenda and possibly pressuring employees to vote in a certain way.

    I’m sure we can all think of constitutional issues where business interests and the peoples’ welfare may not coincide.

    Very naïve short-sighted stuff from Stephen McGrath there.

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