John Gallen writes:

Stephenie [Roche] is putting the ‘fluke’ accusers aside with another cracker of a goal, this time against Costa Rica. Goal starts at 25 secs in…

Oops She Did It Again (Irish Times)

Previously: Stephanie Roche on broadsheet

27 thoughts on “Fluke!

  1. Frilly Keane

    The lads could do wi’her

    Here Fluff, you’re inta this sawker stuff
    How many lads in the Ireland set up and LoI can regularly score from that far out?

    1. Domestos

      25 yards? Most of them to be fair. And you could throw in most lads playing intermediate level Leinster Senior. Put a male senior international into Steph’s matches and the difference would be clear enough. Or, just get the men’s team to play the women’s team.

      This is not to detract, it’s just that, genuinely, there is a gulf between the two standards.

  2. AdvertisingOnPoliceCars

    If they took their jerseys off when they scored like the soccerball lads, there would be larger crowds…

  3. Pray For Mojo

    I can see the headlines now – “Soccer player scores goal in soccer game”. Did ye see the way the fecking Irish Times reported this? With a Britney reference. Ya. Fupp sake like I’m sorry but she is a soccer player who got a goal stop acting like this is an achievement for the l”ittle girls” of the country IT ye condescending so and so’s. Not BS, you guys are lovely.

  4. Ultravox

    Jesus, the glamour. Look at those crowds…

    Women. They’re just like Men. Only Even More Boring At Times.

  5. Bort

    Any coverage of any wides she’s had or ones that have gone over the bar? I could have a video montage of all the goals I score at astro that make me look amazing but in reality I’m shite, I never pass and I always take the shot. She’s still great but

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