The Nipple Effect


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This afternoon.

At the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

Tourist Natalia Puchalska viewing the stain glass window entitled Scandalous by artist Harry Clarke acquired by Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and featuring an exposed breast.

The work depicts a scene from Liam O’ Flaherty‘s novel ‘Mr Gilhooley’ – created for the Geneva Window of the League of Nations building in Geneva but deemed too risque by the Government of the day (1920s).


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(Photocall Ireland)



The stain glass window’s accompanying ‘scandalous’ text.


Thanks John Gallen

11 thoughts on “The Nipple Effect

  1. Tommy

    Silly People—it is the text at the base of the panel that is so scandalous
    Proves words are worth a thousand pictures
    Harry Clarke– a genius

    1. jeremy kyle

      It’d be great if I could read the text, but seemingly it was important to get that person’s face in the shot.

      1. Tommy

        Okay, will give you the gist
        She danced before him allowing glimpses of her clean shaven vulva that was succulently ripe and eager to be pleased

    1. Tommy

      It was sent into puritanical exile by the Irish state in the 1920 ees
      Only came home under darkness very recently
      You can view it in the Hugh Lane

      But if you enjoy romantic erotica take a look at ;;The Eve of St Agnes
      It is just to the right of it—but please read the poem by John Keats–to make any sense of it

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