McGurk! You’re cut.

Ryan!! You’re in.

A passive aggressive defence of Joe Schmidt’s “kicking game” is the theme for RTÉ’s Jonathan Ryan-narrated promo ahead of Ireland versus Wales in Cardiff Arms Park Nua, Wales, today.

It gets results in fairness.

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RTÉ Rugby: Six Nations

Thanks Richie McCormack


Wales win 23-16.

The breakdown; Ireland need to beat Scotland next week and hope other results go our way.

Easy, easy.

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9 thoughts on “The Perfect Ten

  1. Joe the Lion

    Who fupping cares? These dull as old boards posts about rugger are one of the most irritating aspects of broadsheet

    1. rotide

      Don’t worry, there’ll be an asylum seeking lesbian water protestor in need of an abortion but being blocked by DOB story along any second.

    2. Gav D

      Boring internet commenter stereotype #4: STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE.

      How fresh and original.

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