8 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Soundings

    You see what George Osborne (giveaway, bribe to electorate, gombeenism) will announce in 13 hours? That’s what Mickey Noonan will be announcing in seven months, and strongly sign-posting next month.

    1. Kieran NYC

      If he eases up on austerity, you accuse him of bribery. If he didn’t, people would say he was evil and had blood on his hands, etc.

      He can’t win.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Because he didn’t have enough money last year. In fact, he was supposed to make even MORE cuts last year, but he didn’t have to because the economy picked up.

  2. Hank

    “Money grabbing”, “evil” hooker kills her pimp boyfriend.
    Yeah, I’m sure he was a lovely guy..

  3. Truth in the News

    Noonan “blood on his hands”, well ask the Family of the late Brigid McCole
    and his performance as Minister for Health in the Hepatitas C Scandal
    and while we are at it Bruton with all is Pensions, not mention his large
    farm in Dunboyne….is it attracting EU farm payments too….?

  4. mauriac

    I’d forgotten about the charming tradition in England of some royal pinning shamrock on a dog every St.Patrick’s day.

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