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The public body is spending €650,000 to highlight the role “much-needed investment” will play in delivering a clean drinking water and wastewater supply.
Designed by Irish Water’s creative agency Rothco, the campaign will run across television, radio, press, out-of-home, cinema and digital media for a period of eight weeks, coinciding with the period in which the first water bills will be sent to households.


Irish Water spends €650,000 explaining how water is made drinkable (Laura Slattery, irish Times)

Meanwhile…An Post told to hand over addresses to Irish Water (

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81 thoughts on “The Pour Mouth

  1. Waffles

    Judging by some of the things the Anti-Water crowd have come out with (God given gift etc), this is badly needed by a sizable portion of the population.

    1. Rep

      We already pay for water through direct and indirect taxation. The water tax is a regressive tax that will hit the poor most.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        We already pay, OK.
        I take it that you do recognise that that tax raised is nowhere near enough to pay for the system.
        So, let’s just get the govt to scrap the ‘Water Charge’ and RAISE the tax you do pay.

        Will you be happy then?


        OK, back to Irish Water then.

        Enough of this we pay already bullcrap. It’s like trying to buy a car with an old bent penny.

        ( I’m not arguing about the regressive nature bit… that’s a given )

        1. Zuppy International

          Who says we don’t pay enough?

          Why is this administration wasting 3.7 billion of our tax on Irish Water with no guarantee of any improvements to the supply?

        2. ollie

          clampers, our taxes can more than pay for water. iw chooses to use their funding for inflated salaries ( twice the uk average) and inflated headcount ( twice the uk average) half a billion on water meters, 650k to tell us what we already know, a ceo who’s made a living from wasting taxpayers money etc etc.

          1. Steve

            The inflated local authority wage structure was decided upon by the local authorities through wage agreements during FF reign. Not irish water. The terms and conditions of these wages were passed over to irish water by the water services act no 2 2013. IW had to accept those t&cs.

            The numbers of staff working for Irish water, i.e the circa 4000, were decided upon by the local authorities and passed over to irish water through the same Act noted above. IW had to accept those numbers coming through the SLAs.

            The 500m approx on domestic meters was decided as part of the programme for government and the follow up DECLG policy doc.Irish water had no impact and input into these documents.

            So who is really to blame?

    2. 15 cents

      no ones against water. a lot of us are against paying for it twice though. and it’s weird that people like you think people tryna quell the charges are in some way bad people.

        1. Fatman Scooperman

          I hate the letters I and W, and coincidentally the words Irish and Water. But I have no problem with Irish Water.

  2. Miko

    Given a significant part of our electorate and a loud minority of our politicians don’t understand this and think water magically appears out of the tap, I’d say this is money well spent!

    1. Rep

      We already pay for water through direct and indirect taxation. The water tax is a regressive tax that will hit the poor most.

  3. Paolo

    They shouldn’t have to spend this money but the fact is that there is a huge number people in Ireland who think water should be free here because it rains a lot.

    1. Rep

      We already pay for water through direct and indirect taxation. The water tax is a regressive tax that will hit the poor most.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Fair enough. I visited a treatment plant when but a youngster and found the whole thing fascinating. I also visited a fire station. I am very respectful of fire and water…very.

        1. Mikeyfex

          I used to glue rectangular rubber sheets to seal the as yet unbroken perforated handles of large cardboard boxes from the inside. First job. The glue was very sticky and extremely hot. :(

  5. Dubloony

    About time! Engineering, sciency bit, and plumbing in a format that a child get.

    Will probably cause a riot.

    1. Miko

      He earns most of his money outside of Ireland and pays Tax there. He pays tax in Ireland on his Irish interests… If you have any other information to suggest otherwise please go to the Revenue.

  6. Kolmo

    We have this stuff. You need this stuff. Even though you’ve being paying for it to be supplied already out of your income and other taxes, we are going to show why you cretins need to pay for it again due to the utter ineptitude of previous governments. Not your fault, but you still have to pay for it. Again.

    1. Dubloony

      Its not like a painting where its done once and its finished and never gone near again.

      Its an engineering work of art that needs to be created every minute of everyday.

      Did you pay for electricity once and decide, that’s it, I’ve paid once, I’ll expect it to be free from now on?

      1. Rep

        We already pay for water through direct and indirect taxation. The water tax is a regressive tax that will hit the poor most.

        1. Donal

          I pay €1 in tax per year and that’s all my taxes paid. For that I want police, healthcare, roads, fire brigade, water, electricity, teachers, property rights, clean air, coastguard, funding for arts and sports facilities, support given to my fellow citizens who need it, safe food, global network of embassies and trade agencies, subsidised public transport and sharon ni bheolain

    2. Paolo

      I paid loads of tax when I bought my house but I have to pay property tax now. It costs more to run my fuel guzzling car today than it did 5 years ago. Taxes change all the time. Every budget sees increases and decreases in taxes. Why is this any different?

  7. Donal

    quite good that
    packed a lot into a minute

    of course what they cant say is that there is a mountain of work to do because county councils had been making a shite out of our water system for years – like they do with everything else they touch (planning, waste etc)

  8. Looking In

    these ads are so patronising, the childish music, the cartoony cuteness. Ad people
    are such creeps. I

    1. Paolo

      Not funny actually. The issue has been hijacked by idiots. Any reasonable points that there are against Irish Water (privatisation, contracts going to Sierra) are lost in the babble of cr@p coming from the right2water fools and their ilk.

      1. John Cassidy

        The idiots are people like you, who are willing to roll over and be butt f*cked by this troika puppet we call a government. Newsflash! The money that did pay for our water supply is now being used to pay private bondholders. If you’re happy with that, keep calling us idiots.
        People don’t realise how much our democracy is being eroded away by spin.
        There used to be a time when voting could lead to change. That time is long gone I’m afraid.

        1. Paolo

          Water meters have as much to do with bondholders as your mortgage or credit card. Stop conflating the two. We need to meter water. End of story.

          1. dearmg

            Why? Why are water meters needed?
            Scottish Water don’t use water meters. England does (bar some of the northern utility companies who only ‘encourge’ them). Both countries report similar water usage per person.
            So why is Ireland different?

            A constant supply of money is needed for upkeep, i agree. But the desperate wasting of that on setting up a company and other paraphernalia is insulting. Particularly when that money is going into (as someone earlier mentioned) over inflated wages and admin rather than the engineering/chemicals/distribution network and the money originally used (badly albeit) is being syphoned off for our new paymasters.

  9. Kieran NYC

    Judging by the comments here, the anti-water charge issue is a dead duck.

    Maybe now the debate can turn to scrutinizing Irish Water and making sure the damn thing works properly, rather than the head-in-the-sand ‘NO CONTRACT, NO CONSENT!!!1’.

    1. totes

      Hardly representative of the population nor are the protests. Non payment will be the straw that breaks IW…and the coming election which iw will be a big feature.. It aint going away any time soon.

  10. Fergus the magic postman

    I don’t want the taxes I pay to fund quangos, and undeserved bonuses, and the Denis O’ Brien empire.
    Knowing how water is made drinkable does not change my feelings on this.

    1. Miko

      No, you just don’t want to pay taxes for the services you use. You’ll make up any aul excuse to justify same….

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        I’ve always paid taxes for the services I use.
        Now explain to me how I’m wrong regarding the water tax funding quangos bonuses and DoB’s empire (you can’t), and stop being a silly shill/ troll for one minute.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            The intention to pay bonuses at several levels is pretty well documented. Try Google. .

          2. Steve

            I intend to win the lotto on Saturday but I probably won’t. So show me exactly where on google where it’s the “water tax” has funded bonuses in this quango.coz if you can’t you are making stuff up.

          3. Fergus the magic postman

            There’s a huge difference in your intention to win the lotto (which is rather optimistic of you, if I’m being kind) and Irish Water’s intention to award bonuses to their staff.

            You seem to be suggesting that everything (regardless of it’s likelihood or level of probability) that has not yet happened, is not going to/ is not likely to happen. To be frank, you’re being silly (if I’m being kind).

          4. Steve

            Even the article you linked states no bonuses have been paid…shall we go around in circles again??

          5. Fergus the magic postman

            I’ll spell it out nice and simple for your little brain, ok diddums? I did not state anywhere that bonuses were already paid. Nowhere. That was your little imagination.

            But you knew that right? Of course you did. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. Nobody could be that much of an idiot.

        1. Paolo

          What’s wrong with awarding bonuses to staff? I get a bonus but only if I do a good job. I don’t want a single penny of my taxes to fund the 1916 centenary celebrations; should I stop paying taxes? Having a functioning society does not mean doing what you want, it means making compromises and contributing your fair share. If there was as much energy spent protesting about the conditions in our health services then perhaps people wouldn’t be forced to watch loved ones die without dignity. Instead, you complain about having to pay for the water that you use. Get a grip.

          1. Miko

            No no. You’ve got it wrong. The definition of democracy is that whatever Fergus thinks happens (like magic). Anything Fergus doesn’t like is not democratic. Especially paying for services he gets. Not democratic at all.

  11. Ferret McGruber

    Oh good Irish Water. Talk to me like I’m a 5-year-old. That’ll make me feel better about your charges.

  12. Boba Fetucine

    Accept the fact you live under a permanent Culchie Occupation Governent,

    Option A: you already work for the civil service in which case you’re good for life + pension ( you may need to
    Increases efficiency from 0.006% in line with union agreed measures but sh*t happens)

    Option B: you’re a PAYE worker in which case you have to suffer the slings and arrows etc (W. Shakearere ahem ahem)

    Option C; run your own business and get none of the social welfare bonuses of A and B above , while being ridden ragged by Revenue who do their best to make being an ‘entreperer’ practically impossible in a society where half the people are on a state salary with no targets and despite being unsackable still view the foolhardy few who attempt to do something different as crimilnals.

    View the state as what it is, a puppet to which you owe nothing more than money – and get on with your life.

  13. Wayne Carr

    I’m a real revisionist. I’m going to ignore the fact that the government spent loads of money on something that didn’t improve water provision one iota, and instead condescendingly suggest that it’s good that they put out silly videos that explain the water cycle. How much of a deep-thinker am I?!

    1. Paolo

      What are you talking about? IW hasn’t even been allowed to start upgrading the network thanks to the selfish morons in right2water.

  14. Gavin

    I love the way sone people can reduce this whole thing down to ” you just want something for nothing” when in fact the issue is a lot more complex than this.

    Cant pay, wont pay
    Wont pay, paying twice already.
    Wont pay, paying already for private bondholders
    Will pay, wont pay a private company
    Will pay a private company, wont pay one mired in shady dealings.

    I think the majority of people realise the money has to come from somewhere, its just the whole things is such a clusterfupp that it gets a lot of peoples backs up. If government had made this a tax and not tried their have arsed attempt to keep this of the states balance sheet I’d say this would have passed a lot easier.

    1. Miko

      Welcome to reality. There is no perfect solution. In a perfect world all people would conserve water because it makes sense. But they don’t so metering is required.
      The construct that is Irish Water is the best solution so far – all the alternatives posited or unworkable, don’t raise enough revenue, false premises (private company nonsense) and all a manifestly worse solution then IW. The best evidence being every other developed country has a similar model.
      So to be frank it’s fair enough to be dismissive of all the so called alternatives by those against Irish Water. None have come up with a workable solution.

      1. Shivynbear

        Still haven’t, have you been to a reservoir ? The supposedly treated water WE get is filtered through some clouds, then some trout, then some pipes, then my kidneys.
        This is emperors new clothes, always has been.
        “Oh we have to pay for the upkeep of the water infrastructure so therefore we have to have metering” bullsh1t.
        Could have increased existing taxes as they were to cover this, that is incontrovertible… Sorry, but there it is.
        Water has nothing to do with this, don’t kid yourselves, this is purely business.
        The water can, does, and will go to hell and us with it as long as the needs of business are serviced.
        And you can rationalise it all you like, were being forcibly bent over the desk, and yes, muppets have hijacked the protests and yes, that was expected, no, counted on!
        Peaceful public disobedience is one of the few tools left to us.
        “Can’t pay” ? Never mind can’t pay, how about won’t allow myself to be mugged.

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