Before It Was Cool



Mark at the Jam Art Factory writes:

Just thought you’d like these hipster Playwrights by Sligo Gary Reddin. They’re limited edition of 150 and signed. “I’ve always thought that if Joyce were alive today he’d be a Hipster. With Nora tattooed on his neck and subtle references to Ulysses (1904)” – Gary

Gary Reddin (Jam Art Factory)

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15 thoughts on “Before It Was Cool

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I think those lads would be writing about the hipsters in disdain.
    Don’t believe in mocking these great fellas but they are still very good illustrations!

    1. gary

      Cheers for the comment ‘Spaghetti Hoop’. Apologies if I appear to be mocking these great fellas. Illustration is a fantastic medium for exploring ‘cross overs’ and ‘what if’ situations. These drawings are a test of mixing cultures and times. No offence intended.

  2. singingdetective

    Maybe Joyce would, but I can say for definite that he’d spell references correctly.

    1. gary

      ‘siningdecetive’ more like the ‘spellingpolice’. You are right though Joyce would have done a much better job then me at tilting these pieces

  3. bisted

    “I’ve always thought that if Joyce were alive today he’d be a Hipster. With Nora tatooed on his neck and subtle referances to Ulysees (1904)” – Gary

    …if Joyce, Beckett or Yeats were alive today they would despair that someone could manage so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in a single sentence….or is that just a hipster thing?

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