28 thoughts on “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Temp

  1. SweetPeteato

    Not looking to start a riot here but isn’t she the most qualified person to be his assistant? Like that’s what she is anyway no?

    1. rotide

      Considering he said she didn’t get paid in the very next sentance, yes, he’s saying she didn’t get paid.


        1. Clampers Outside!

          Rhetorical devices are up there with sarcasm for getting lost on the internets in fairness :)

          We’ve all been there.

          I’m thinking of setting up a self help group for those upset by misinterpretations of comments on the internets.
          I think I might call it ‘SayItToMyFaceBeeeatch.com’

          I’m seeing it working like this… everyone who so desires can meet and sit in a circle with one hand on a keyboard (not hooked up to anything) while the other hand remains in their pocket. If they are able to say what they want to say and have it interpreted correctly, they’re allowed type on the keyboard while knocking one out.

          €50 per 2 minute session, €100 if the person joins by Skype.

          I’ll be a millionaire in no time and won’t give a monkeys about rhetorical devices. YAY !!!

  2. Miko

    TBH the lazy journalism here is the scandal. Even if she were paid I don’t see what the big deal is – parliamentary assistant is a temporary role – not a permanent civil service role. Same process in most countries like the UK and US. Not a big deal…

    1. Unreconstructed

      Nepotism…not a big deal. You heard it here first. Attitudes like that are what sustain FF, FG, and all the other gombeen leeches. Nepotism is at least morally wrong (and is plainly against the right wing mantra of competition!)

      1. ReproBertie

        So he should have advertised and interviewed a heap of people for this unpaid temporary assistant role before appointing anyone for the few months they were needed?

        Grow the fupp up.

        1. Unreconstructed

          Bottom line is, he employed his own wife using public money. It doesn’t matter if it was for 5 minutes or a few weeks or a few months. It is the principle. Oh wait, I forgot where I was living there for a second. Perhaps I should “grow up” and not be shocked anymore by corruption and its tolerance by a sizeable number in this f**ped-up gombeen country…

          1. ReproBertie

            3.5 months pay for 9.5 months work before the job goes to someone else. It’s one hell of a push to try and paint this move as evidence of government corruption. My family have a small shop. We have all covered in the shop for little or no pay while going through the process of hiring staff. I see this as no different.

        2. Unreconstructed

          The role was not unpaid, at least since January, according to Perry’s own statement. His description is deliberately confusing, to paint a picture of no wrongdoing. Congrats for falling for that.

      2. Miko

        No, clown like voters who can’t be @rsed reading a paragraph to understand this is a temporary unpaid position in his office is the problem with Irish politics. Unfortunately when little chicken lickens like you scream nepotism without bothering to know you create a political environment that is toxic. I don’t like the guy but there is literally Nothing to see here.

  3. Joe the Lion

    he’s actually saying he employed his own missus on a successful jobbridge placement after which he offered her a ‘role’ – am I right?


  4. Chris

    They make it sound like it’s some kind of a bonus to have your wife in work with you when everyone in a relationship knows that being stuck with the other half 24/7 would be a torturous hell. Poor guy.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Not for my husband, it wouldn’t be. I’m amazing wife. 24/7 with me would be brilliant.

  5. Blublu

    Completely against nepotism… BUT if there’s one role where it’s possibly acceptable it’s parliamentary assistant. The salary might as well be an extension on the TD’s salary so why not let them get whoever they want.

  6. Fergalito

    Ain’t no thang

    A lot of pearl clutching over nothing. Wife worked for nothing, then got paid for three and a half months until he got someone for the role.

    Big swinging mickey.

    Why you’d swear nepotism was a bad thing!

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