It’s Alive Inside



The St Patrick’s Day exploding pint.

Barney Mac’s, Chord Road, Drogheda, Co Louth.

Sacha writes:

Is it a case of a pint exploding by itself or is the pub haunted [by the ghost of late regular Joe Murphy]? Either way the lad standing up reckons it was one of the other two boys….

There may even be a simple scientific explanation.

We may never know.

Barney Macs (Facebook)

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35 thoughts on “It’s Alive Inside

  1. Der

    Cold pint poured into a glass just out of the dishwasher?
    Inside of the glass would contract more quickly that the outside.

    1. Bob

      It’s happened to me before. Cracked glass that’s out of the dishwasher and a cold pint put into it. It holds together for a little while then just pops.

    2. Janet

      Jaysus dishwashers in Pubs, I’m nostalgic, they just rinse the feckers in dirty water here if you’re lucky. Nothing can kill me now.

  2. Optimus Grime

    Ah Barney’s is a class pub with good pints, illegal football streams and Dairy Milks! What more could you ask for? Just the pissed ghosts are a pain!

  3. everybody

    Stop the press!!!! Irish Bumpkins confused by science? Why are these men not at home with their families?

  4. Eve

    Ah here, I can’t be the only one seeing “Carrie’s” wiggling fingers bottom left hand corner of the screen right before the glass explodes.
    That’s Telekinesis, Kyle.

  5. Soapy

    It’s happened to me twice. It’s so upsetting to see a pint wasted. But on the upside, it’s always replaced with a new one even if I was nearly finished!

    1. Sniffin

      Ah Jezis ’tis so upsetting Soapy, ah jezis–few rashers in a pan and a bit of oul grease, jezis not a sausage in sight…ahh…an oul sausage. The quiet pint.

    1. Avon Barksdale

      Thanks for repeating this theory for the people who skipped all the comments above just to get to yours

  6. Mac

    To answer some questions
    ~ it wasn’t a warm glass from the dishwasher, glass was taken from the shelf and was at room temperature
    ~ these customers don’t have families, they’re all orphans
    ~ it wasn’t Joe Murphy’s ghost, he was a be beamish drinker nor smithwicks. Must have been another ghost passing through

  7. rotide

    First time this happened to me it frightened the shite out of me.

    the glass usually goes into odd cubes like sweets one purchased for a penny as a child

  8. Domestos

    The pint is not the only thing smashed here – the Wadsworth Constant also takes one hell of a beating.

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