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The University Observer.

University College Dublin’s broadsheet of choice.

The ‘Marriage Equality’ edition

Brian Mathuna writes;

The University Observer wraparound for Marriage Equality. We’ve worked with them here in the Union and the LGBTQ+ society to get it done. We’re having our marriage equality launch tomorrow at 6pm in the student centre in UCD. Colm O’ Gorman will be speaking…

University Observer



This month’s Alive!

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34 thoughts on “Decent Irish Wraparound

  1. jeremy kyle

    Hey they forgot to ram my copy of Alive through the door this month, running low on toilet paper.

  2. realPolithicks

    Surely it won’t be too long before we see the first same sex couple “canonised”…

  3. Clampers Outside!

    “Marriage is a couples path to holiness”

    Kinda raises a few questions, that Alive bit….
    – Pretty much busts a cap in the celibacy bit – although this couple did remain celibate for a year, but had nine kids all the same.
    – Who is holier then, priests or couples?
    – If couples are on the path to holiness, why has ‘virginity’ been held in such high regard for so long by the RCC? Anyone who hasn’t looked up the RCCs teachings from days gone past on the ‘holiness of virginity’ should look it up. It’s some messed up sh*t.
    – Zélie’s mother is a Saint…. is this like canonisation-nepotism?

    I know, I’m just poking this with a stick…. like a kid might a dead or dieing craythur on the side of the road…

    I’ll leave you with a quote:
    “My mother was a witch, she was burned alive, thankless little beeeah, for the tears I cried”
    James Hetfield

    1. newsjustin

      Campers, you don’t seem to understand. The RCC doesn’t encourage married people to be celebrate. That would be rather pointless. You’re just rambling.

  4. Dubloony

    The online version (yes I took one for the BS team) really is an awful rag. I wonder if any clergy actually read it? if so do they really think it should be in their churches?

  5. Stephanenny

    One married couple canonised in the 2000 year history of the catholic church which has canonised hundreds and hundreds of people ? Doesn’t seem like it’s much of a guarantee.

  6. Spud

    Any chance we could mock up some ‘fun’ front covers for Alive, and swap them in churches when no one is looking?

    Could cause multiple strokes / heart attacks amongst the elder parishioners though

  7. Ciarán

    Are they being canonised simply for being a couple?
    Or are they a couple who are each getting canonised for some holy acts autonomous of their status being a couple?

  8. Ciarán

    They made a movie about the publishers of that newspaper a few years back. It seems they spend most of their time just camping out on a mountainside and eating the flesh of their dead tribesmen.
    I was proper disgusted. Savages, like.

  9. figleaf

    UCD have done a great job of promoting the YES for Marriage Equality campaign. There are YES posters all over campus and a YES visual shows on the front of all the tills in the UCD SU shop. Really great effort, cheers my soul everyday.
    I got the Alive propaganda through my door yesterday, ripped it up and put it in the outside bin, that paper scares me.

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