Life Hacks On Your Wall



A new Irish Kickstarter project.

Launched today.

Donal O’Conghaile writes:

Life Hack Posters are graphic prints all about life hacks – tips & tricks to save time, do things smarter and make life  easier… I’m a very visual person and rely on graphic reminders (like sticky notes, whiteboards, etc.) to remind me to do things. I wanedt to create exceptionally designed posters illustrating different life hacks for people to display in their homes, offices and businesses….

Life Hack Posters (Kickstarter)

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23 thoughts on “Life Hacks On Your Wall

  1. Starina

    no naps after 2pm?! WTF!

    Also, the warmer I am the deeper I sleep. dunno about this keep it cool crap.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      It’s normal for normal people.

      Freaky bladdered folk often only require 4-5 visits

  2. McKay

    Nice artwork-however stating that each poster is ‘hand-printed’ is a bit of a stretch. You’re not silk-screening them or anything, they’re coming off a wide-format Epson! Unless you consider clicking ‘Print’ an act of artisan genius however..

  3. Soundings

    “Practice progressive muscle relaxation”? Next time someone cuts you up in traffic, wind down the window and yell “progressive muscle relaxor” at them. They’ll know!

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Is there anything to be said for another wank ….and the relaxing sleep you can ave after

        I’ll do another chart and call it ‘Life Wank’ and the benefits of wanking.

        I welcome all ideas….

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Haha – Only wipe from front to back, and never re-fold toilet paper to avoid coming into contact with harmful bacteria.

      It all makes sense now

  4. Janet

    If I caught himself doing that crap while he was brushing his teeth I’d be very worried…even the fella in the poster looks like a nutter

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