The Fourth Awakens


st aodan'sSome of the green-minded, tree-hugging, recycle-giddy fourth classers at St Audoen’s


Stop messing about.

Geoff writes:

We’re fourth Class in St. Audoen’s National School in Cook St, Dublin 8. We’re doing a project at the minute to help combat Climate Change. We came up with the idea of a petition for  people of the world to commit to changing three small things that are accessible to everyone. Namely:

1: Shop locally and buy at least ONE extra product from your country every week.

2: Turn off the lights in rooms that you’re not in and plug out your television at night.

3: Recycle just a little bit more than you do.

We’ve been following who has been signing the petition in class and we have reached places as far away as America and Australia. Please help us reach as many people as possible. Sign and share with your fiends.

Sign here

Perishing eco-friendly, proto hippy tykes.

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10 thoughts on “The Fourth Awakens

  1. Geoff Finan

    Thank you so much for posting this for us. The children are so excited to see this on your site. You definitely got the tree huggers down btw. We had our mindfulness after lunch and once we logged on we saw this. How very zen.

  2. octo

    That’s right. These things make very little difference. How about:
    1. Buy less stuff
    2. Stop eating meat and other animal products
    3. Sell your car

    But, well done for doing something positive..

    1. Geoff Finan

      Thanks for the comment. The children are in fourth class (10-11 years old) so I let them choose how they would like to make a difference. Personally I think that the ideas they had will have a positive impact, no matter how small. I’ll be sure to pass on you input though.

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