Looking For Lily


Lily Poster
Angela writes:

I don’t you normally do this kind of thing but we have tried Facebook, animal sanctuaries etc to no avail. My sister’s house was burgled a fortnight ago, place ransacked, jewellery etc stolen, the usual. But worst of all,  they stole her dog.  As you can imagine she is devastated. We are making a last ditch effort with posters etc and hoping we might get her back.

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4 thoughts on “Looking For Lily

  1. joj


    What sort of scumbag steals a dog. I dont get it, how is a 10 year old dog worth money?

    1. Jack Ascinine

      Hold on while I get my tissues while I reflect on your comment. Devastated I am.

      I sincerely hope the dog gets returned and is ok, and as for you, I hope the cat was typing.

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