21 thoughts on “Bluesky Scenario

  1. Xena

    There are some knackers running the airport and aer lingus. The amount of moolah being creamed out of both institutions would cause jaws to drop.

    1. Sheila

      My thoughts exactly… it’s a go at Ryanair perhaps? Easy targets, even after they’ve recently changed their approach to some aspects of their business.

      Times my travel plans have been affected by airline staff industrial action:
      Aer Lingus 2
      Ryanair 0

      Times I’ve been spoken to patronisingly by cabin staff:
      Aer Lingus 2
      Ryanair 0

      That said, shit happens when people travel with ALL airlines. And I’ve had great customer service from both Aer Lings and Ryanair, when cabin staff have gone above and beyond their their regular duties to be helpful.

      1. Paolo

        Times my flight has been cancelled or moved at the last minute leaving me totally stranded and out of pocket by hundreds of euro?

        Ryanair: 2
        Any other airline: 0

  2. Graham

    “Ryanair 2nd Cabin bag free” How will that work?? Last few RA flights I was on there barely enough space for one cabin bag per passenger……

    1. scottser

      to quote withnail, ‘you can shove it up your @rse for nothing and f**k off while you’re doing it’

    2. Conor

      They’ve been doing that for almost a year now. They go to the folk who are (pointlessly) queuing an hour before boarding and they’ll take their larger hand luggage into the hold free of charge.

  3. Paolo

    I thought Ryanair were fundamentally opposed to terminal 2. Could it be that Ryanair is a company with no principles?

  4. Joe835

    Walking from where that ad is in Terminal 2 to where Ryanair actually flies from in Terminal 1 would take longer than it’d take to put up that jayzus ad. I thought MO’L hated that “white elephant”……

  5. Adam

    Just as well they individually put signs above the three lifts, in case we didn’t know what was there after the following the giant sign above it!

  6. Mr. T.

    Don’t expect anyone working in Ryanair to have an ounce of taste. They think good design belongs at home for their own greedy eyes but not for the public.

  7. Jonner

    Nothing to do with Ryanair moving to T2.

    DAA sold Ryanair some advertising space in T2 where airport users who aren’t catching a Ryanair flight will see it. Seems reasonable, even if it is a bit tacky

    1. Paolo

      The people ar in T2 catching flights with real airlines primarily because they have experienced Ryanair in the past.

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