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Worldwide Traveller (2013) by London based junglists Chopstick Dubplate (Feat Top Cat & Mr Williamz)

The woes of flying Ryan Air, to wit:

A rush me a rush jus’ fe reach a de gate, have fe catch de plane, Jah Jah know me can’t late, before we do de show, we do some dubplate, an when me a return me due fe have extra weight, an’ wid EasyJet you know dat is great, as long as you case can fit inna de crate, wid Ryanair is pure long debate…

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THE BOARD of Aer Lingus yesterday rejected Ryanair’s €1.30-a-share offer for the company, saying it “undervalues” the airline. “Aer Lingus shareholders are accordingly advised to take no action in relation to the offer,” the company said.

Well, no surprise there.

Ryanair’s bid helped to push up the value of Aer Lingus shares, which rose 15.4 per cent to €1.085 in Dublin yesterday. The shares had closed at 94 cent on Monday, just before Ryanair released details of its offer.

To be expected, really.

Ryanair made no comment yesterday on the bid.

Now that’s news.

Aer Lingus board rejects Ryanair’s new bid for airline (Irish Times)

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Ryanair has offered €1.30 per share for the 70 per cent of Aer Lingus it does not already own. The offer is almost 50 per cent higher than the average price of Aer Lingus shares in the last six months, and well ahead of the €1 per share price that Mr Varadkar previously indicated would be the minimum price acceptable to the Government.

Fianna Fáil’s transport spokesman Timmy Dooley called on the Government to use its shareholding in Aer Lingus to prevent Ryanair from taking control of the airline.

“The existence of Ryanair and Aer Lingus as separate, competing entities has transformed our tourism and business connectivity. Any material change to the separate status of these airlines would inevitably lead to reduced competition, increased fares and less choice,” he said.

Cabinet to discuss Ryanair’s new Aer Lingus bid (Irish Times)

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Disgruntled Ryan Air customer Robert Tyler, who set up the website ihateryanair.co.uk in 2007, is refusing to surrender the hate.

Having been forced to give up the domain name by Nominet after posting links to travel insurance and foreign currency websites, thereby earning himself £365, Tyler has simply re-named it.

And thus the hateliner maintains a steady cruising altitude.