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    1. Soundings

      Scribe is deliberately infantalizing the script, much like Irish Water is trying to do with its ahem, customers, with its very expensive ads (which require the annual water tax from 10,000 single person homes to fund, and that’s just the latest ad).

      1. bruce01

        I think the statement that Denis O’Brien knows nothing is infantile. Denis O’Brien knows a hell of a lot, and the right people.

        1. Lorcan Nagle

          To further on what Sham Bob said, the poster to the right of the Irish Times poster is indeed an ad for Game of Thrones. The man portrayed in the poster, Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington) is a member of the Night’s Watch, who are charged with protecting the continent of Westeros from the threats north of a massive wall, obstentiably built to protect civilisation from supernatural threats.

          During a mission beyond the Wall, Snow pretends to be a traitor to the Watch in order to ingratiate himself with the Wildlings. He falls in love with a Wildling named Ygritte, and her bemusement with his lack of knowledge of how they live and their customs leads her to repeatedly say “You know nothing, Jon Snow”

          Thus, the graffiti is a both a sign of defiance against Irish Water and a humorous reference to the poster’s neighbour.


          1. scottser

            also, ‘you know nothing, jon snow’ should be said in your broadest northern english accent for full effect.

      1. gertrude

        your comment on this site is graffiti. how dare you deface a public space with your vile opinion. what are you trying to do, influence people? disgusting.

      1. Sham Bob

        Yes, it’s difficult enough for small businesses like this ‘Irish Water’ to compete and reach their audience without having one of these expensive billboards vandalised.

  1. donkey_kong

    The more I learn about O’Brien the more I see him as a blofeld character , Lowry could be oddjob and joan burton be that German mad woman Irma Bunt.
    Enda would just be the bumbling henchman eventually killed by O’Brien in a fit of rage.
    Big Phil would play some nazi scientist developing a secret formula for O’Brien ultimately killed by O’Brien in a rage and Alan Kelly gets promoted.

    I should go back to work now.

  2. ex pat

    The immaturity of local chess playing pigeons knows no bounds.

    There will be a Luas line to district it soon though.

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