Broadsheet Trailer Park: Slow West



What you may need to know.

1. FASSBENDER! In a western. His first one since the unwatchable Jonah Hex (2010).

2. Slow West is written and directed by old Fassbender mucker John Maclean. They did a great short together entitled Pitch Black Heist.

3. @ 1’05 The Hound lives!

4. Ah, Ben Mendelsohn. Always a pleasure.

5. @1’09 Kerry-German in his smalls – tasty.

6. Who’s the kid? It’s Hugo, all grown up. He’s up for Spider-Man, apparently.

7. Prognosis: Great Fupping Trailer.

Release date: Summer

16 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Slow West

  1. mauriac

    apropos of maybe nothing 120 million native people were slaughtered by the incoming Europeans.In its ,”historical” films Hollywood seems to focus on a few cowboys having shootouts.

    1. Kieran NYC

      And recognizing that, Hollywood hasn’t made Native Americans the stereotypical bad guys in Westerns since the 60s.

      It has found more nuanced ways of approaching the Western myth since. Unless you want every Western to be directed by a Sioux version of Spike Lee.

  2. Mikeyfex

    That trailer really gave me the impression that there’s kind of a moone boy situation going on there…

  3. ReproBertie

    Slow West! Life is peaceful there
    Sloe West! In the open air
    Sloe West! Where the skies are blue
    Sloe West! This is what we’re gonna do

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