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  1. Slab

    I’m just waiting to see Internships for Surgeons and Doctors, maybe Pilots too.
    Joan Brutal should be ashamed of herself and Labour. 100 years of Industrial gains wasted. Connolly and Larkin must be rolling in their graves.

    1. Joe the Lion

      There’s already teaching internships

      IMHO that’s far worse than a fupping surgery one

      1. brownbull

        yeah 100 years of industrial progress wasted – no social protection, 60 to a tenement, entire 10 person families living in one room, no employment rights, no pensions, no education and healthcare, lack of sanitation and running water, no systems of redress, dangerous working conditions, widespread discrimination – get a flippin’ grip will ye, we live in one of the most comfortable countries in the world – it’s not slavery, it’s an internship that can bring in over €200 a week total – this is a god opportunity to get valuable experience in a difficult and competitive industry, where many work for free outside of such schemes to get ahead, if anything it is an advertisement for Jobs bridge

        1. Joe the Lion

          Your argument is that because things are not as bad as Victorian Britain I’m alright Jack?

          1. brownbull

            Clearly that is not my argument – my response on working conditions was to Slab’s hyperbole – in relation to the Jobbridge offer I argue it is ok, and even a good opportunity, if you consider how the legal industry operates as is – it’s not that difficult Joe the Lying

          2. Joe the Lion

            That’s what you’re saying now. That sounds measured and considered- well done. But in your original rant you stopped short of saying sure that’s nothing – what do you think the poor craythurs did in the famine ?

    1. munkifisht

      Read it yourself


  2. (Off-Duty) Legal Coffee Drinker

    This is really a scam, for the following reason. In order to become a fully qualified solicitor, you go through an extensive period of apprenticeship, this makes the whole idea of solicitors needing ‘interning’ redundant. The intern system is already built into the solicitor qualification process. The interesting thing is that, as far as I remember, the Law Society requires solicitors to pay apprentices… not a huge sum, but a lot more than that offered above. So a solicitor would earn less post-training than the law requires them to earn when training, in order to get experience they have already got when training. And this is from a publicly funded Law Centre. Kafkaesque!

  3. Lilly

    That is scandalous. Imagine doing a 4-year law degree, followed by Blackhall, training etc and being insulted with this.

  4. Kieran NYC

    Solicitors already exploit students training under the deviling system anyway – why would anyone expect the industry NOT to exploit their own once again?

    Don’t see why this is particularly JobsBridge’s fault. Much like doctors, they exploit their own on the lowest rungs of the ladder.

  5. MunkieMagik

    Oh man… they’ll struggle to find any lawyer in need of receiving “formal/informal training” from, and “attaining skills” under the guidance of, people unable to distinguish between a “roll” from a “role”; even at a munificent 50 lids a week. What an insulting and disordered “job” offer.

  6. Caroline

    First they came for the junior creatives, and I did not speak out, because lol wasters.

    Then they came for the professional classes, and I was like hold on a second chaps.

    1. Kolmo

      +1. When the Professional classes are affected by labour exploitation there is a sudden silence in the land of the previously snarky shillbots, as the shillbots themselves may be next to be ridden by those they were shilling so enthusiastically for….

  7. Soundings

    If politicians think Jobbridge is such a good idea, why don’t they fill their parliamentary assistant positions with interns? Rather than their wives and girlfriends and husbands and boyfriends?

    1. Joe the Lion

      Wasn’t Mrs Perry effectively working on a jobbridge while being groomed for the main prize? I’m scared to think of what mentoring she received while in training

  8. Joe the Lion

    Apologies for being a 100% smart bottom Bodger but shouldn’t that headline read “Legal Instant Coffee MAKER “? Anyone?

    1. Caroline

      I’d say this position is almost certainly that of Chief Hanger Arounder. Making coffee back in the comfort of the office will be a distant dream from the breezy benches of Nenagh District Court.

  9. Buzz

    Here’s where the smart kids say screw this and become plumbers. As it stands, they are brain washed into putting their life on hold for years of so-called education when they could be making their own money, living independently of parents, determining their own lifes and directing their intellectual development as they see fit. Instead they are being conned by their parents and educators into sticking with the grind for the eventual glory of photocopyying in Nenagh courtesy of JobBridge.

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