Scarcliff For You



Barrington Scarcliff.

English blood.

Irish art.

Trevor at Dublin-based Igloo Animations writes:

This is a new show that we are developing (co-production) with another company in England, RED-moodle. The show is titled ‘The Continuing Adventures of Barrington Scarcliff’ and is aimed at anyone over 15 with a twisted sense of humor. It’s written by Jonathon and Richard Morss from Red-Moodle and we are doing the Animation. It is being made into 13x24 minute episodes. Above is is the first animated clip from the show used to introduce the main character and setting….

Igloo Animations

3 thoughts on “Scarcliff For You

  1. Domestos

    Looks nice and Rick and Morty. No need for the camera move in the second shot though. I like that less than the cup of warm sick I’d no doubt order in that brothel.

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