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Fantasy Ireland.

Trevor at Dublin-based Igloo Animations, writes:

Fantasy Ireland is an outrageous post-watershed animated comedy series set in a fantastical version of contemporary Ireland (mixed with a dollop of Irish mythology).

We follow three flatmates living in Rathmines [Dublin 6] who are flung together to form The Shamz – the new unwitting saviours of Ireland sent to save us from ourselves and more importantly a greedy priest hell-bent on setting us back fifty years!

Igloo Animations

Save Poolbeg.



Clump (top) star of Jewels, a short film by Dublin-based Igloo Animations

Trevor Courtney at Igloo writes:

Jewels is about Clump’s quest to get the Jewels from a mountain that he believes is hiding from him. I sent you over some Artwork before for this (that you posted) and we are heading to Mipcom in Cannes today with it. It’s a different animation technique using assets from 3D puppets as 2d animated characters. It takes a while but we thought it be worth it…

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Barrington Scarcliff.

English blood.

Irish art.

Trevor at Dublin-based Igloo Animations writes:

This is a new show that we are developing (co-production) with another company in England, RED-moodle. The show is titled ‘The Continuing Adventures of Barrington Scarcliff’ and is aimed at anyone over 15 with a twisted sense of humor. It’s written by Jonathon and Richard Morss from Red-Moodle and we are doing the Animation. It is being made into 13x24 minute episodes. Above is is the first animated clip from the show used to introduce the main character and setting….

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