13 thoughts on “Home And Away

  1. ollie

    separating those who bought tickets in poland and those who bought tickets here. go back to bed ;-)

  2. mrmurphster

    Incredible atmosphere at the game last night, best I’ve witnessed in years. Here’s hoping we get drawn with the Poles in every qualifying campaign.

    I reckon there were 20,000 Polish fans last night.

  3. Wayne.F

    Was there crowd trouble? Was there some kind of bad atmosphere that needed managing. Or was it a cracking night with an incredible atmosphere.

  4. JoeO

    It was a cracking night with an incredible atmosphere. Not a spot of bother at all. People supporting Ireland and Poland (and some supporting both) sitting side by side. Roaring their teams on and celebrating wildly when their teams scored.
    We’ll just have to beat them in Warsaw, is all.

  5. Steven Maher

    It was an incredible atmosphere the only thing was there was skinheads with their hoods up constantly standing in front of us all match and arguing with the guards so it was a little uncomfortable but we screamed our heads off for Ireland all match and had no trouble whatsoever. Best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in any sport I’ve gone to see.

  6. Paul Dunne

    When Pats played Legia in Tallaght recently… there was a similar situation… Legia fans split with a distinctive line of security.

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