Someone’s In Big Trouble


Put the kettle on.

They are legion.

20 thoughts on “Someone’s In Big Trouble

    1. Caroline

      They can’t even spell fricken’ lasers.

      No matter. Not unexpectedly, Limerick camogie has just caused sh*t to get unbelievably real.

    1. Mani

      Is that the show where leatherface hugs people awkwardly and tries not to vomit when she’s near a fat person? The singing thing with the has-been judges?

  1. Joe cool

    How many fake anonymous accounts are there on Facebook? ?. Every anti group is using it. I abhorr the government, the water taxes, the u.s.c. but using a fake anonymous account makes it look absolutely fingers stupid

    1. Medium Sized C

      The mistake you are making is thinking that an annonymous account is fake or real.
      Annonymous isn’t a hacker collective.
      It isn’t a descrete thing.

      People say they are part of annonymous and they are.
      There is no membership or leaders.

      If I had the skills and inclination I could launch some sort of cyber-attack on something and claim Annonymous did it, and I wouldn’t be wrong and I could start a twitter account @Anon_cyberattak_thing
      And it wouldn’t be fake.

  2. well

    Some people on that “irish voice” page are also associated with the irish prolife movement.

  3. dhaughton99

    I’m sure if you will find most of the irish anon members queuing for the TV show in temple bar today.

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