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Documented on the Tumblr Little Hands, the (presumably Kiwi) creator(s) say:

In upcoming weeks a series of little bronze hands will be installed in central Wellington. In walkways, shortcuts and places people pass on their paths to work or school. Their purpose is to hold offerings. Anonymous tokens of generosity or thoughtfulness. My intention is that others will use the little hands too, for leaving small items.




One hundred domains are now on the hit list, which supposedly host forums that act as playgrounds for paedophiles. Data dumps have already started appearing on Pastebin, exposing alleged abusers’ email and mailing addresses, so it looks like Anonymous really isn’t holding back.


Anonymous Declares All-Out-War On Paedophiles (Gizmodo)

Anonymous OS: a new operating system from the Legion: UBUNTU based on the MATE desktop environment. Anonymous sez:

Created for educational purposes,
to checking the security of web pages.
Please don’t use any tool to destroy any web page :)
If you attack to any web page,
might end up in jail because is a crime in most countries!
*** The user has total responsibility for any illegal act. ***

Available for download at the risk of being backdoored and/or obliged to start wearing a Guy Fawkes mask to peruse cat videos on YouTube.


UPDATE: Probably best not to download it all the same. You know, just in case it’s fake and wrapped in trojans or something.


See, there you go.