Something Up Their Slieve



Filmed in mid-March.

Photographer Noel Keating writes:

Slieve League – the highest sea cliffs in Europe, located on the north west coast of Ireland in the county of Donegal… possible the most magical place in Ireland to try and capture the Aurora.. I often imagined what the Aurora would look like in this location, but never expected to see it this strong..

Thanks Aoife Hegarty

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10 thoughts on “Something Up Their Slieve

  1. Chickenhead

    When I read the bullcrap he wrote at the start, I was apprehensive, Then that Enya song started, and I almost exited. But it really was pretty amazing, despite Enya.

    1. scottser

      those credits at the start should have been done like star wars. otherwise some very cool footage. i’ve never seen it, would love to now.

  2. everybody

    Do you think the Aurora was visible cause we Irish are somehow special and as the nation slept you were there to see it ? Ireland is truly special and we are blessed in a magical way beyond your imagination.

    1. Someone

      Less of the narky stuff. It was a nice video and it’s a nice part of the country.

      The Enya music was terrible though, could have done with some Rammstein

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