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Mongrel State – How Many More Times

Claudio writes:

I manage a Dublin and called Mongrel State. We just released our debut single, recorded with Gavin Glass at Orphan Recording.  We are very proud of it and we would like you to check our brand new video for it: As director Ciaran Dooleys said, the idea behind the video is very simple, we wanted to accompany the stomping and happy mood of the song, with colorful images and backgrounds but also introduce the band in each of its members, showing  characters and chemistries.

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8 thoughts on “You May Like This

    1. Digs

      I dunno man, but I gots to find out brother. I just gots to. They do seem to enjoy playing dress up though. If I didn’t know I’d say they were American folk rockers from the 70s.

  1. Custo

    I can’t hear the song because my work computer is on the fritz.

    But from the photo it looks like Christy Dignam has joined the Grateful Dead.

  2. Pol

    Jesus H Christ. I’m a tolerant man but this makes my bottom run. If they spent a quarter of the time working on song writing and learning to play their instruments instead of trying to look like Euro-store copies of Waylon Jennings, they might not sound so much like Logue and McCool’s retarded cousins. Fupp.

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