39 thoughts on “Dublin’s ‘Busiest Cycle Route’

    1. Medium Sized C

      The illegally parked car is partially obstructing the exit from under the bridge.
      Its not really a cycle lane, its more a 30 metre bit that cars can’t access.
      And I wouldn’t, having cycled that route a fair bit, describe it as the busiest in the city.
      At all.

      I’d say its a massive exaggeration to say that.

      1. DT

        Plus, in fairness, there’s plenty of space to cycle around it. Granted, it’s a poor bit of parking, but I wouldn’t get my knickers in a twist about it.

        1. Corky Duke

          I agree, but thats the thing with cyclists, they expect the roads to be free from cars and then cycle on the path. They are the worst kind of commuters.

  1. ArtVandelay

    Car being in the road shouldn’t matter, all the cyclists on that route use the footpath

    1. Del McG

      Indeed they do. And then get all offended when you punch them in the throat for doing so. I mean, go figure!!

  2. rotide

    Surely the cycle lane along the canal is dublins busiet cycle route

    You know, the one where cyclists ignore all the lights and gleefully plough through pedestrians

    1. Kevin

      I’ve only cycled the canal cycle lane a few times, but I haven’t seen that behaviour exactly. I’ve seen plenty of cyclists break the lights, but none of them came close to endangering or even inconveniencing pedestrians or motorists.

      It is frustrating, as a cyclist, using those lanes; cyclists are given the lowest priority by the lights, and in the small amount of time given to clear junctions cyclists compete with pedestrians. As a cyclist, I usually choose an alternate route, where practical.

      1. Starina

        Try being a pedestrian along the canal — no cyclist pays attention to the cycle lights…they think the green pedestrian light is for them and get very pissy when you get in their way.

        1. Joe the Lion

          Thanks for the tip I’m going up there right now to provoke a violent confrontation

      2. Sheila

        What Starina sez.

        If you see a mad woman telling cyclists they have a red light while they start to cycle across La Touche bridge, that’ll be me :D

    2. MotorCyclist

      I hear you. As a part-time cyclist/part-time biker, its nuts at all of those intersections on the canal cycle lane. Everyone for themselves, pedestrians and cyclists alike. Interesting to see other European countries like Copenhagen where pedestrians and cyclist don’t J-walk and don’t break lights like we do. I even encountered a moped user this week who broke every light like he was on a bicycle. Obviously hadn’t been caught yet, or knocked down.

  3. Mr. P.

    Two nuns cycling along a cobbled street
    Sr Assumpta: I haven’t come this way before
    Sr Brigid: I know, nice isn’t it….


  4. Hellvetica

    Impossible to cycle on those cobbles anyway. Pain the the arse – literally. Everyone cycles on the pavement.

    1. Plumbob

      Is there a chance you could squeeze your bike behind the car? Or would the hundreds of other cyclists in the picture get in the way?

  5. Bazler

    Cycling that route over the cobbles on a DublinBike is the equivalent of sitting on a Kango Hammer whilst in operation.

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