Staying In Tonight?



Episode two of season four from the Second Captains airs on RTÉ 2 tonight at 10pm.

Irish soccer legend Liam ‘Very chippy’ Brady will give his tuppence worth on the current batch of Irish midfielders including James McCarthy. Also on the couch will be ex-Irish internationals Niall Quinn and Richard Sadlier as well as former Tipperary [hurling] ace, Eoin Kelly.

*removes Liam Brady from good wall and replaces with Lynne Cantwell*

Second Captains

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4 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Baldrick all up in yo ass

    No thanks, i’d rather iron me testicles. I might reconsider if they get rid of that annoying quiz fupper, Murphy i think they call him, sweet mudder a jaysus he is one annoying prick and totally unfunny. Plus get rid of that stupid wall as it’s poo as well.

  2. Jones

    Hopefully Brady is on to announce his and rest (exculding Richie Sadlier – I like him) of the RTE2 football panel’s retirement and to pass the torch over to the Second Captains gents

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