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From top: Republic of Ireland senior squad; Ciarán Murphy, of Second Captains

This morning.

‘Today with Philip Boucher Hayes’ on RTÉ Radio One.

Further to  manager Stephen Kenny confirming some Republic of Ireland players have opted against the Covid vaccine…

…. Ciarán Murphy (top), co-host of the Second Captains football podcast, said:

“It’s interesting from the point of view of a dressing room and the dressing room dynamics. I’ll leave the immunology to the eminent professor [Cliona O’Farrelly, professor of comparative immunology and biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin was a fellow guest] and I might talk about the dressing room dynamics and we’ll stick to what we’re slightly better at here…”

“This idea that young men, in this situation, in the NFL or Premier League, young sportspeople, lead a very closeted life. And the richer and more successful they are, the more closeted they are.

“The more suspicion perhaps of mainstream media, to use that terrible phrase, there is amongst these people. And they might get talking about conspiracy theories or, you know, wild anti-vax theories that they would have seen on the internet.

“And this, it spreads in the dressing room in a way that is kind of maybe harder for us to understand, you know, for those of us who work in a regular work environment.”

“…Sportspeople live in a kind of weird…it’s a weird situation that they find themselves in often. And the stick, in this situation might actually be more effective than the carrot.”


Yesterday: Missed Shots

Second Captains tweet:

Let the unlikely combo of Tom Petty and James McClean boost your 🇮🇪🇩🇰 countdown routine #COYBIG


Stuck for an early stocking filler?

Ciaran writes:

2016 may be the most grim year in living memory but here’s how to end it on a high. The Second Captains Sports Annual, Volume 2 is packed full of all the stuff that made the year memorable in a positive sense…yes, mainly Robbie Brady’s goals at the Euros. Check out the video [above] for a sneak peak but be warned, you may shed a tear...


Pre-order here


You all gave 110 per cent.

That’s all the gaffer asks.

But there could be only three selected to win a copy each of [telly’s] Second Captains Sports Annual Vol 1.

They were:

munkifisht: “Well Brian, at the end of the day it’s a book of two halves and I deserve it because I’ve listened to pretty much every Second Captains, even the bit’s I’ve no interest in. After that amount of time and investment, frittering away around 500 hours of my life, I’d think of a free annual as at least a runners up prize for participation.”

Darren: “Well Brian, at the end of the day it’s a book of two halves and I deserve it because every Christmas as a child my Granny would get me 2 annuals; The Beano and The Dandy. No matter how many hints I asked my Ma to drop to my Granny that I wanted Shoot!. The aul dear was consistent if nothing else. Every year for 10 years I got a copy of The Beano and The Dandy and no Shoot! was ever found under my tree. I think a free copy of this book would bring me back to my childhood and clear the unnecessary resentment I hold towards my since passed Granny.”

Conor: “Well Brian, at the end of the day it’s a book of two halves and I deserve it because as a sport nut who’s married to a wife who wouldn’t know one end of a rugby ball from another and would have more success explaining the current diplomatic relations between all the countries meddling in the Syrian Shenanigans than the offside rule, it’s usually easier for me to buy my own present, wrap it and stick it under the tree myself. Winning this book would save me a lot of hassle this year and give me an excuse to be all nostalgic on Christmas Day and play football in the hall using two christmas crackers for goalposts and a bunch of rolled up hats as a ball while my wife looks on disapprovingly. Plus, it looks heavy. If I have to buy it myself I’ll have to carry it home from town. No-one wants to put me through that.”

Thanks all

Second Captains Sports Annual Vol 1

Previously: Second’s Out

00122120Johnny Sexton  with tyke fan at Dublin Airport in March

Staying in tomorrow night?

Fergus McCormack writes:

6 Nations hero Johnny Sexton joins the lads on the couch [Second Captains Live]  tomorrow night (RTÉ2, Wednesday 29 April, 10.00pm) to talk about winning back-to-back championships, life in France and his decision to return home to play for Leinster next season.

Second Captains Live RTÉ2, Wednesday 29 April, 10.00pm.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


Episode two of season four from the Second Captains airs on RTÉ 2 tonight at 10pm.

Irish soccer legend Liam ‘Very chippy’ Brady will give his tuppence worth on the current batch of Irish midfielders including James McCarthy. Also on the couch will be ex-Irish internationals Niall Quinn and Richard Sadlier as well as former Tipperary [hurling] ace, Eoin Kelly.

*removes Liam Brady from good wall and replaces with Lynne Cantwell*

Second Captains

Second Captains

Staying in tonight?

Off The Ball Second Captains, returns tonight at 10pm on RTÉ 2 for its fourth season.

Featuring rugby ledges Luke Fitzgerald, Sean Cronin, Nora Stapleton token woman guest, Peter Stringer and Kieran McGeeney.

And debuting tonight will be a new feature, ‘Degrading Irish Superstars Action’. it’s like the Good Wall but even more controversial….

Second Captains



The cast of Second Captains as 1990s unthinking girl’s boy band Backstreet Boys (ALRIGHT!).

Fergus McCormack writes:

“The hugely popular Second Captains Live returns for its third series just in time for the November rugby internationals and some crucial Euro qualifiers with special guest Kilkenny legend Henry Shefflin plus Limerick hurler Seamus Hickey, Dublin hero Jason Sherlock, Ireland goalkeeper Emma Byrne and comedian David O’Doherty….”

RTÉ2, Wednesday 8 Ocotber at 9.30pm

Name those Second Captains and their Backstreet doppelgängers anyone?



Former Off The Ball guys chat to Trap, Joe Schmidt, Richie Sadlier, Shane Horgan, Gerry Thornley and Sid Lowe.

Kick off on Irish Times website and iTunes at 2pm around 2.10/2.15pm.

Previously: Anything Sad In The Phoenix

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Pic: David Cochrane