The Cupla Focail


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Labhair Conor McGregor le Máire-Treasa Ní Cheallaigh, iriseoir Nuacht TG4/RTÉ, ag ócáid phreasa in Ionad Tionóil Bhaile Átha Cliath inniu. D’éirigh le Máire-Treasa cúpla focal Gaeilge a bhaint as an trodaí a d’fhreastail ar scoileanna lán-Ghaeilge i dTamhlacht agus i Leamhcán sular bhain sé a cháil amach i gcró an UFC.

Fair play, in fairness.

FÍSEÁN: An ‘cúpla focal’ Gaeilge in armlón Conor McGregor (Tuairisc)

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96 thoughts on “The Cupla Focail

    1. chimpy

      felt the same. just a dopey bunch of foul mouthed drunks. exactly what the rest of the world presume we’re like. brilliant.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Maybe you’re following it too closely, stand back, watch from afar, leave the man be to enjoy his moment in the lime light, he’ll be gone in a couple of years.

      Leave ‘im off I says, leave ‘im off :)

  1. ThePeoplesHero

    Between this twit and something called a Niki Minge at the Point last nightthe traffic in the city of Dublin was insane. What in the name of God/Xenu/Cthulhu is wrong with people. Why on earth would you go out of your way to see these Idiots?

  2. Stumpy

    While this comment is likely to garner a chorus of disapproval, like him or loathe him, Conor McGregor’s a pretty incredible athlete.

  3. SweetPeteato

    Really don’t think this guy gets the credit he deserves, amazing role model. Gone from the dole queue to multi millionaire in 3 years through incredible hard work and smarts.

    1. Anomanomanom

      You can have money and still be a complete knob. I understand it’s image and hype for the sport. But there are classy was of doing things.

      1. SweetPeteato

        I don’t put any importance on being “classy”. He is who he is, I respect his work ethic and positive mental attitude.

    2. Mikeyfex

      Unbelievable athlete. I used to think he had some smarts though, before this build-up campaign. His name is made, Aldo’s name is made, what the hell is he going round acting like an idiot for? More people are losing interest in him than gaining.

      Creating hype and maintaining respect is much like making love to a beautiful woman…and very soon McGregor’s gonna be snoring face down in a pillow while the fighting public collectively clip up their suspenders, run their pinkie over the slight smudging of lipstick in the mirror, slip out of the hotel room, call their father, and cry.

      1. rotide

        With you on this Mikey.

        He’s clearly a very very accomplished fighter and has the gift of self promotion to boot. He’s a sport like this wet dream.

        Can’t help but feel stunts like the belt snatch are over the line though.

    3. The People's Hero

      Role model? Looks like your moral compass is out of whack…

      A lad who likes kicking the absolute plop out of other lads and boasting about it is hardly someone I’d like my son/daughter to emulate.

  4. Bingo

    He’s an obnoxious tool.
    If he wasn’t Irish, all his ‘fans’ would despise him or maybe wouldn’t even know what this ‘sport’ was.

  5. jeremy kyle

    One of these days I’m expecting Dana White to pull off his mask and reveal that he’s actually just Vince McMahon all this time. I don’t like the forced pageantry around these fights. He’s undeniably a fantastic athlete, but McGregor’s pantomime antics make him come across as an ignorant backstard and if he wants to identify himself so strongly as Irish he should probably bear in mind his behaviour reflects on us all. Even though, it’s probably more a contractual obligation rather than his genuine personality.

    1. Anne

      Liked how he – McGregor, corrected White recently when White said all the of the U.K. would be watching..

      Video clip there too.

      White pointed at McGregor as he said the UK, but the Dublin fighter quickly corrected him.

      “Ireland will be watching,” McGregor told the UFC president, raising a hand to interrupt him.
      “Ireland, Ireland. I thought that was the same thing, apparently not.” White laughed.
      McGregor retorted: “It is most certainly not.”

          1. Anne

            They dont say that when they’re tuckin’ into me muffin..

            That’s terrible.. Sorry, very sorry administrators.

          2. Mrtits

            But Anne is a chap letting on to be a laydee commenter for some reason. Not even doing it well either. Gonads on view regularly. What kind of sick ladyboy flirty party have you got yourself involved in Joe?

          3. Joe the Lion

            how do you know I’m not really Josephine mrtits?

            I’ve already asked Anne about this and he’s told me quite clearly that he doesn’t have a cock

    2. rotide

      Can’t help but feel the same, although I’m coming round to it I just can’t shake the pro wrestling entertainment aspect of UFC

  6. Chris

    No questioning his ability as an athlete, he’s incredible.

    But this whole ‘heel’ persona is just a plain deterrent when it comes to the sport and more specifically Conor himself. All you have to do is watch a Q and A with the UFC officials compared to one with a fan/random punter and you can tell it’s scripted. He’s got some great ‘wit’ when he’s had a had the questions passed on to his publicist/manager before hand but when he’s asked the most basic question by a fan he can hardly make a coherent point. He’s got a marketing campaign that’s working for him but this whole foightin’ Oirish thing and all these antics certainly leaves a bad taste. His social media pics look like stills from an Irish remake of Scarface produced by RTE.

  7. Continuity Jay-Z

    UFC is pure scripted, reality TV bullpoo. McGregor is an embarrassment and the Tapout t-shirt, wearing clowns that follow him are worse. It is a shame that this gowl has become the successful face of the Irish sporting landscape.

  8. Kieran NYC

    Has he talked like a five year old his whole life or just since he started getting punched in the head?

    1. ReproBertie

      He seems to have a media voice to go with his media persona. When talking to camera he rarely uses contractions. Each word is very clear and very distinct. When caught off guard this doesn’t happen. It could be that he’s aware of the global audience and wants to be sure he’s understood by as many as possible.

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