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Last night.

Channel 4 broadcast an interview with a member of the “New IRA” who said any border infrastructure, as a consequence of Brexit, would be a “legitimate target for attack”.

The man spoke to Channel 4 News on condition that his identity would be disguised and his voice would not be recorded.

So his words were spoken by an actor for the recording – drawing a significant response from viewers about his accent.


New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack’ (Channel 4)

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The Basque woman five seats down from me was in awe. The stadium was packed. Over 50,000 souls had taken over the place and turned it red. It was only a ‘friendly’, but the supporters of the ‘home’ team cheered every pass and move with a gusto which was totally out of kilter with the importance of the occasion.

“Why does everyone in Ireland support Liverpool?” she asked me at half-time. “Do you not support your own teams?”

In the city of Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians, and St Patrick’s Athletic, she was shocked to see so many Dubliners come out to support a team from the old colonial power.


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This could change gach rud…

The State Examinations Commission is investigating what appears to have been a security breach during the leaving Certificate Irish Higher Level Paper 2.

The exam took place this morning.

Shortly after the exam began the paper was posted on a Facebook forum used by teachers of Irish.

More than 3,000 people are members of the group.

It is closed to other Facebook users, but people can share the information contained in it with others.

Mór as we get it.

Inquiry into potential LC exam security breach (RTÉ)


Ensemble Ériutrad revivalists tour second LP

What you may need to know…

01. Seven-piece outfit Ensemble Ériu are among a brace of bands and artists taking a modern approach to Irish traditional music.

02. Second album Imbas (an Old Irish word that is used to describe inspiration or creativity) follows their eponymous 2013 debut, and released this past June on Ensemble Music/Raelach Records. It’s streaming and available for download here.

03. Streaming above is video footage of some of their 2014 set in Coughlan’s of Douglas Street, Cork, taken by Meade Films.

04. Playing next in the wilds of the wild West, Connolly’s of Leap, this Friday. Doors 8pm, tickets €10. Next Wednesday seems them at An Lab, in An Daingean; Thursday week at Belvedere House in Dublin; and Friday week in Hollywood, Co. Wicklow.

Verdict: Bringing a wide range of contemporary ideas to the trad oeuvre, taking in jazz and ambient elements, the Ensemble are among the forefront of the genre’s revival.

Ensemble Ériu