18 thoughts on “Good To Go?

  1. Art_Vanderlay

    Can I be insufferable for a second? Not a criticism this just might be genuinely useful; you’re not really negotiating with him here you’re telling him 2 opposite things over and over.

    You’re telling him “good to go” (we’re off now, the thing you want, yay), then immediately telling him “change your nappy” (we’re not going at all we’re doing the thing you don’t want). He’s responding perfectly with happy/sad but i’ll be too much before too long. Or maybe I’m wrong and this worked. *ducks for cover*

    1. ReproBertie

      Given that he asks “do you want a good to go” I think “good to go” is, to this child, the status of being ready rather than a statement that they are ready. That being the case, the negotiation is that to get a “good to go” the nappy must be changed. In this instance one is a step to the other and not the opposite of it.

      Kids eh? Sure they’re great unless you bring one to a restaurant in which case you’re the scum of the earth only barely above the level of someone who publicly breastfeeds.

    2. Holden MaGroin

      Don’t overthink it Art. He just messing with him. By the end u was annoyed at Dad so I can only imagine how the kid feels.

      “Good to go!”
      “Feck off Dad!”

      1. Art_Vanderlay

        Sorry its just that it triggered a memory in me of being good to go and then being humiliated cos I’d soiled myself. Last weekend I think it was.

  2. TK Ickle

    Can we not keep this stuff to FBI Book?
    So parents who like to put their kids on the internet can rejoice in their own little corner of the internet?

  3. The-bag

    I feel the same about malcontented ballbags whining on comment boards. Each to their own though, eh?

    1. Owen

      Stall the ball….. I believe this comment was on Mr.Ts negative comment. Which I too responded to, pointing out how he is miserable? No?

      So did he delete his comment, and delete mine, or did BS delete them both? Nothing worth deleting in them, all PC soooo??….. Does MrT work for BS??!! Mr T…. Whats going on ya miserable clown?

  4. Verbatim75

    How so annoying, ‘good to go’ for hell’s sake! Just change the boy’s nappy and take him for a walk.

  5. Eoghany

    I think a good to go must be some kinda smoothie or fruit drink, or some sort of other delicious beverage that the kid is just mad about, no?

  6. alan mahon

    Dad here: “Good to Go” is Alex’s way of asking to go outside to play.
    I think we both got what we wanted eventually!

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