Great, Scott


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Further to the that RTÉ email, host of RTÉ’s The Cosmo show – Ireland’s only nationwide LGBT radio show – Scott De Buitléir remains defiant.


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11 thoughts on “Great, Scott

  1. bllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    it actually wouldn’t be ridiculous.
    – there’s a few gay people who are against gay marriage (Waghorne, Mills etc.) I know, but still
    – you could go completely the other way and say that by engaging with the institution of marriage, gay people are in effect making themselves straight. why should they participate in a clearly heteronormative custom?

    neither of which I am proposing, mind you, but the point is that it is perfectly possible to have a progay show and not necessarily push a pro-SSM line. just takes a bit of imagination

    1. Clampers Outside!

      OK, back to Mass then…. There are plenty of Catholics who are progay and plenty who are not.

      But the RCC pushes their anti-gay / “objective disorder” line all the time, and in Mass too, so shouldn’t the Mass on Sunday programme have an LGBT element to it too?

      Yes, it is ridiculous, but if it’s to be enforced, it should be done for ALL programming.

  2. p

    I don’t disagree with Scott’s stance at all but his argument would suggest that, for example, Brian Dobson should be expected to have a view on all aspects of the news, just because he presents the news.
    Does an LGBT radio show have to be presented by an LGBT presenter? Serious question. I’m not trying to start an argument here.

    1. scottser

      i’m sure a non-lgbt presenter could present an lgbt based show, it just probably wouldn’t be any good.

    2. Stewart Curry

      His argument doesn’t suggest that, though. Presenters don’t have to have an opinion on the things they present, it’s just that in this case, he does.

  3. Patrick Piers

    As far as I’m aware Scott’s show is on RTE Pulse, I believe the majority of pulse presenters aren’t on the RTE payroll and do their work on a voluntary basis (or at least they used to for a good number of years). The fact that he wasn’t even on their mailing list is significant here. A show which gets a listenership of just over a late night local radio show is probably not even on the management’s radar never mind anyone else’s. Storm in a teacup

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