Broadsheet Trailer Park: Mr Holmes



What you may need to know:

1. The long-retired and increasingly forgetful Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) tries to solve his last unsolved case.

2. The real mystery is who cut this trailer and what’s with the dog-rough musical segue @0:44?

3. Since his screen debut in the 30-second silent Mutoscope film, Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900), more than 70 actors have portrayed the character, including Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Roger Moore, Christopher Plummer, Christopher Lee, Robert Downey Jr. and Jonny Lee Miller.

4. Those of you hankering for a bit of Cumberbatch will get a temporary fix in December with a one-off Christmas special set in the Victorian era. But don’t expect season 4 until 2016 at the earliest.


6. Broadsheet Prognosis: Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Faint Smell of Wee.

Release Date:
June 19.

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