Uncorking Cork


CMK23032015 Open House _0009From left: Danny Holland , Mary O’Brien and Alan Macilwraith of Open House Cork .

You’ve heard of Open House Dublin?


Danny Holland writes:

Just in case some of your readers are less-than-happy about being back to work after an Easter break, I thought I’d let you know about something we’ve planned for this weekend that they can be looking forward to.
As part of (the first ever) Open House Cork, some of the finest examples of architecture in the Real Capital will be open to the public, with guided architecture-based tours, free of charge. We also have a range of extra activities for all ages, including walking tours, a film screening and a 3D printing workshop at the Architecture Factory.
As you can imagine because this is a Cork event, it’s going to be pure daycent.
There may also be tay.


Open House Cork

Pic: Clare Keogh

12 thoughts on “Uncorking Cork

  1. Mikeyfex

    To all the budding comedians, no it’s not a centre for ants in the picture. Ok? It’s a model. It’s a model of a place where yes, ok, people can’t read good and can’t really do other stuff good too but that’s all it is: A model of Cork.

    1. ahjayzis

      And for those who don’t get comedy – Cork people know how ridiculous it is to call a town about the size of Tallaght (and shrinking) the real capital.

      I think they do, anyway.

      They must.

  2. IronWhang

    No doubt its of Cork City, but 3D printed. Innovation and design all rouled up into motional poetry.

  3. Paul Wally

    As a Corkonian the “real capital” crap makes my skin crawl.

    I think that model has been on display in the Vision Centre in Cork for years.

    1. Yea, Ok

      You’re the first Cork person I’ve ever heard not enthusiastically trumpet that cringey sh1te. Fair play.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Heard it all the time when I lived there, along with several other jibs about Dublin being inferior to Cork. Part of the city’s charm is that it ISN’T the fuppin’ capital.

  4. Ms Piggy

    They must know that the *real capital* thing just makes Dubliners smile quietly and then carry on ignoring them :-)

  5. boyo

    Don’t think they are too bothered what anyone thinks of them. Most arrogant girl I ever met was from Cork, used to curl her lips at the “rough” folk.

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