Broasdsheet Trailer Park 2: True Detective, Season 2


colin farrell

What you may need to know

1. The Farreller! Vince Vaughan! STARING INTENSELY.

2. Love Farrell’s ‘tash.

3. Can it possibly live up to the first season? Was the first season (whisper it) overrated?

4. TV is now where movie stars go to improve their prospects. Fact.

5. We still think they should get McConaughey and Woody back for Season Three.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: We wish they had done this one instead.

Broadcast Date: June

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22 thoughts on “Broasdsheet Trailer Park 2: True Detective, Season 2

  1. jeremy kyle

    I dunno I really liked the first season but I’m a really underwhelmed, especially with the casting of Vaughn. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

    1. Chris

      I would have thought the same about Harrelson in season 1 (on paper at least) but despite not having much range he really pulled off the role. The perfect foil to Rustin Cohle.

  2. Jeff

    I think Vaughn is actually quite a good actor, he just makes terrible choices. I guess he’s hoping he can reinvent himself, as he does not want to be doing fratboy comedies when he is in his fifties.

    1. TheDude

      Looks like he may not be playing Vince Vaughn in this so we might see some acting chops

    2. Mick Flavin

      *moodily-lit close-up of Vaughn’s face*

      “The hubris it must take to yank a soul out of non existence, into this…meat. To force a life into this, thresher…”

      *smash cut to Vaughn nude on diving board*


  3. Sheikh Yabooti

    Farreller’s moustache not quite as wifebeater as Miami Vice, a film I fell asleep in halfway through, and was disappointed when I woke up that it wasn’t over yet.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Vaughan is just a big Hawaiian shirt. Still, looking forward to this, if it’s as well written as the first series.

  5. Drogg

    First season was amazing and def not overrated I don’t think it can live up to the first season since the show runner and main director of season one has left.

  6. Mikeyfex

    They’ve made Farrell look old and interesting anyway. I’ll give Vaughn a shot too since the first series was so good.

  7. jeremy kyle

    I loved the first season, but am I the only one who


    Thought the ending was total arse.

    1. Chris

      I agree. I think the last 10 minutes had a lot of fluff but as a whole some of the best television made in the last 10 years. For the reasons above I am willing to forgive the creator but people’s confusion/anguish about the wrap up is understandable.

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        I also thought, while the series was excellent, that Matthew Mccaww-naww-hey’s performance was a little overrated. Not bad, just overrated & bit one trick pony, if you will.

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      Totally agree. It might also be one of those shows that when you re-watch it, the end suddenly makes complete sense.

      1. Chris

        Having watched it several times back to back I can honestly say it doesn’t. Didn’t skip a minute each time but was not at all bothered by the end. It’s like the writers discovered the meaning of the words ‘hope’ at the 11th hour.

      2. jeremy kyle

        I must re-watch it actually.

        I just didn’t like how Marty’s point of view seemed to win out in the end and Cohle kind of did a complete u-turn. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I felt it would’ve made more sense had Cohle died.

        Love the scene with Marty and his family in the hospital though, a real tear jerker *sniff*

        And relation to the above comment about McConaughey’s performance, I think he was great but Woody stole the show in my book.

        1. Nigel

          I didn’t think it was Marty’s point of view that won out, though Marty’s tragedy was that he failed to lived life the same way he spoke of it and lost everything he truly valued.His redemption may be that he survived to maybe salvage something of it. Rusty pushed through his own hellish point of view and came out the other side enlightened, like a tortuous rite of passage. He discovered that things are the way they are, but the way you look at them makes all the difference. Whether it was earned or not, I’d have to rewatch to judge, but I liked it because it was so unexpected. You assumed the end would be nihilistic and ugly, and instead that got turned on its head.

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