12 thoughts on “All Aboard

  1. Ultach

    Reminds me of the oul fella drawing home the turf the two miles from the mountain and me, my brothers, the neighbours’ childer and numerous cousins home from England for the summer hanging on with white knuckles to the rickety top-heavy overload and all available toe-holds and finger-holds on the trailer and tractor. We got up a fair lick on the steep downhill road with the wind through our hair and the turf dust in our eyes and noses. Black snotters for a week. Bucolic!

  2. Mikeyfex

    Ya but I heard that a bus driver just grunted hello to someone as they boarded on their way to work this morning and then someone had to take their bag off the seat to let them sit down.

  3. CormacK

    Sure that’s nothing compared to all the bank debt piled high on the island of Ireland. It’s hilarious to look at from outer space.

  4. Dubloony

    Wow! the mixture of balance and stupidity is awe inspiring.Can’t figure out how the first guy even got his load on the bike.

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