You Say You Want A Revolution?



Element Pictures are offering an EXCLUSIVE and FREE screening of the Russell Brand & Michael Winterbottom documentary, The Emperor’s New Clothes, to readers.

The screening takes place on Tuesday, April 21st, at 7pm in The Screen Cinema, D’Olier St, Dublin 2 and will be followed by a live broadcast of a Q+A session with Russell Brand.

Imbibe a free craft beverage on arrival. Mingle with fellow ‘sheet heads in the lobby. And watch a documentary so jaw-dropping you will need a friend to throw popcorn into your open mouth.

To claim a seat please email with ‘Emperor’ in the subject line.

Two tickets per person. Only 100 comfy seats available.


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Element Pictures

Update: We will respond to everyone. Currently seeking larger venue.

63 thoughts on “You Say You Want A Revolution?

      1. Owen

        I’ll do it at a water protest. That way I’ll be outside and everyone will record it on their phones. It’s only a bonus that all the people standing by will be Sinn Fein.

    1. Mister Mister

      Yip, watching Owen do what he has promised is much more an attraction than the ‘prize’ that’s on offer.

  1. Kieran NYC

    How fortune we are to live at a time when Russell came along to tell us how we’re all going wrong.

  2. Rob_G

    The choice of title for a film on Russell’s ramblings is either quite clever or completely lacking in self-awareness.

  3. Sheila

    Ah sure why not, a free beer is a free beer…. however will this mean some of us regular broadsheeters might see what each other looks like in real life?? REVERSE! REVERSE!

    1. Mikeyfex

      I know what jimmythehead and garthicus look like. Jimmy has a head and garthicus no longer looks like Garth Brookes :-(

  4. Drogg

    Id rather chew on shards of broken glass, swallow and defecate it out while ripping apart my insides then to listen to this self obsessed hypocrites new age life theories.

      1. Drogg

        How do i prove it? you realise that i am saying i would rather do that then see this trash but since i am not going to go see this crap, that i am not going to start chewing on broken glass.

  5. Avon Barksdale

    While I could take or leave Brand either way, I definitely think some of the vitriol aimed at him of late is unwarranted. He comes across as reasonably well-read and sincere and genuinely appears to be fighting for the common good and using his celebrity for that purpose . Maybe i’m mistaken though. I mean, there’s only so much hate I can have for a silly accent and odd-dress sense

    1. Drogg

      He is am manipulative womaniser who is only jumping on the bandwagon because his star was starting to fade, so he jumped onto the anti gov, anti austerity, anti vax, but pro yoga and pro veganism bandwagon so he could seem cool to a new set of gullible morons.

        1. Drogg

          There is a difference between liking women and manipulating them into thinking your some sort of demi god with all the answers to your problems. Brand in every essence is still an addict he was addicted to Alcohol then to drugs then to women and now to power and will jump on whatever bandwagon he has to to get his fix. Like the clip above it is rich that he is complaining about what the window washers make in comparison to their bosses when essentially he probably makes more a year then their bosses do and i know he will claim that he is an artist and gets payed equitably for the work he does, except the movies and tv shows he does are trash and the trews which people seem to think is the best thing since sliced bread are just other peoples ideas and theories collated in one place with some cockney charm to make it all the more palatable.

          1. Owen

            The link that Alison T put above is pretty good at verbalising much of this. A nice read too.

            Thanks Alison. Got me through the after lunch / pre home / no interest / monday slump.

          2. The-bag

            So, again, which of his points do you disagree with? Also, how is he manipulating women into thinking he’s a Demi-God? Actual specifics now Drogg, not your usual mindless ranting

          3. The-bag

            So the link you posted there refers to him being the exact opposite of what you said, having changed his opinion. Powerful stuff Drogg.

          4. Drogg

            I don’t see it like that at all, i see someone who used to be all in the bravado of the pickup artist. But then when he sensed the tide was turning because of muppets like blanc, that he quickly turned into i am so disgusted by all this. He is a fraud who will say whatever he has to to stay in the cool spotlight.

          5. Drogg

            And munkifisht i was referring more to his role as Arthur, but yeah Sarah Marshall should be up there in his pile of poo movies too.

  6. Nikkeboentje

    I cannot stand Russell Brand. My niece and nephew were watching Hop over Easter and I had to leave the room rather than listen to Brand (even if he was a cute bunny rabbit).

    1. ionabike

      You should setup your own blog detailing who you don’t like and include all your quaint family anecdotes. It’ll be a hit!

  7. ThePeoplesHero

    I’m not sure what his point is?! Study harder and don’t waste your teenage years so you won’t end up in a dead end job cleaning windows?

    But where’s the fun in that?

    1. Frilly Keane

      The only sawker stuff I read

      Although Dion usta make me laugh
      But mocking isn’t as filling
      So I layve him alone now

  8. munkifisht

    Can’t stand the guy, his foppish pointing at problems without solutions etc, but I have to appreciate what he’s doing. The wage gap is crazy. It is essentially an asymptotic trend with the majority scrabbling around trying to survive.

    In America (where these trends are set), if you have $10 in your pocket and are debt free, you’re richer that 25% of Americans.

    Personally, I don’t have a fix for that. I’m not qualified or empowered to do anything about it, but I can respect someone who points at a problem and asks those who are how they can fix it.

    The cynic in me believes that the reason for the debt injustice in the world suits those with money and power as those who have these things are so far removed from the rest of us scrabbling around in the dirt like the peasants from the Holy Grail point to the only things we can relate to in our daily lives, those around us. We point at the guy n the dole and blame him for our woes, or the single mother of 4, or the handicapped person who can’t work, but rarely do we point at those elevated so far above us that we don’t even think to ask why they continue to get richer. which of course is all conspiracy bullshit, but the world, with it’s booming population, becomes more and more the world of very few haves and vast majority have nots.

  9. Anne

    Russell Brand?
    If ye sent a paid limo down to Limerick to collect me, put me up in a 5 star hotel, and gave me free booze for the night, I think I’d be washing my hair.
    Thanks all the same though.

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