Appeal For Karen



This afternoon.

Karen Buckley’s parents John and Marion (top) make a plea for the safe return of their daughter who has been missing since Saturday night in Glasgow, Scotland.

Karen Buckley missing: Parents ‘desperate’ for return of Glasgow student after handbag found

Missing Student Left House In Early Hours (SkyNews)

Earlier: In Glasgow

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9 thoughts on “Appeal For Karen

  1. Soundings

    Nightmare, must be gut-wrenching for them, just waiting for news in an unfamiliar city. Scottish police are sound.

        1. Lilly

          FFS as if that’s the only option. How about persuading her to stay or seeing her safely into a taxi.

          1. Lilly

            Or he could have driven her home since he drove her from the nightclub to his apartment. A little chivalry is the mark of a decent man.

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