14 thoughts on “Do Skechers Make You Lazy?

  1. martco

    sure most people lie their asses off in a CV anyway
    I reckon go for it! tell them you’re a former president of a small country….

  2. wearnicehats

    I assume it’s to identify applications from people who actually bother to send it themselves rather than the avalanche of generic ones they will receive from online recruitment sites

  3. Murtles

    Popular shop in a popular centre in the capital city so presumably they can expect 50+ applications. If it’s up to the shop manager to sift through the applications by themself as well as be on the shop floor I’m sure (s)he’ll go for those with 3 years or 4 years experience etc in the subject line rather than those with little or no experience and I’m sure there’d be extra applications from students who usually clamber for Summer Work this time of year (not getting at students, nothing wrong with that, they could have experience too, it’s just a time saver for a small business).

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