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Buffalo Sunn – Told You So

A soaring new single containing spine tingling ‘reverb-laden’ harmonies off US-adoring Dublin band’s debut album By The Ocean By The Sea.

Produced by REM/U2/Madonna knob twiddler Pat McCarthy

As performed on RTÉ One’s The Saturday Night Show sessions, a warm live home for Irish musicians (fair play, in fairness) that many hope will remain a staple of the show. Going forward.


Listen to recorded version here

Purchase on iTunes here

Buffalo Mann (Facebook)

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14 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. KBer

    죄송하지만 나는 천재가 아니다. 남들이 살면서 천천히 배우는 것을 조금 어린 나이에 익힌 것일 뿐이다. 빨리 익혔다고 멀리 가는 것은 아니지 않나.

  2. Mr. T.

    Oh another RTE approved Irish band with US connections and produced by the same old faces with the right connections in south county Dublin.

    Nah thanks.

  3. Starina

    With a name like Buffalo Sun you can predict exactly what they sound like.

    *has a listen*

    Yup. yawn.

  4. Mr. T.

    Too many of them. One probably has RTE connections and the rest are his mates from Engineering in UCD.

  5. Parky Mark

    What a pack of assholes! They enjoy making music AND playing it for people. They should have turned that Saturday Night Show gig down and just stayed at home watching TV instead.

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