De Thursday Papers


Connacht Tribune April 16

MORE to folly

Thanks Kevin Cramer (The Irish Examiner); Garrett Rowe (The Irish Times); Enda Cunningham (The Connacht Tribune); Niamh McEneaney (The irish Daily Mirror); Neil Henderson (UK covers)

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3 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Jackdaw

    I think our Supreme Court grew up today. This will bring far more balance to Criminal Trials.

    1. Grosse Bite

      Can I ask…What are you referring to?
      -Which paper?

      I’m afraid to read the Racing Post.
      My late father always said it was the first step on a road to ruin, and he died in a pool of his own piss so I tend to believe him.
      Is ‘Supreme Court’ a horse?
      When are the Criminal Trials held, and where?
      (My guess is Aintree.)

      1. Cian

        Front of the IT I imagine. Should stop a fair few appeals where it’s clear they’re guilty as hell going ahead; but it’ll have consequences of some kind that haven’t been expected anyway

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