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    1. fosull

      From Dunnes’ perspective, which is the only one that matters, here, that’s not going to rate as impressive by any measure they choose.

      The biggest impact this will have on them is how it may fill up their recycling bins. Sad, but unfortunately true. They listen to nobody.

      1. Sinabhfuil

        That’s what they said about H Williams.*

        *I don’t know if they did, really, but y’know

  1. Soundings

    Great, you tried that. Now what? Maggie couldn’t give a fupp, whether its 10,000 or 100,000 or even a million signatures. You know that, right?

    Mandate need call for a Dunnes-free fortnight, starting International Workers Day 1st May. After a fortnight, Mandate discusses boycott with its members. If, in the highly unlikely event, the workers don’t report a collapse in sales, then consider additional measures.

    Just try the boycott first, the public just needs hear the word from the workers via Mandate.

    1. Duh

      First off, i agree that we should boycott Dunnes. But I doubt a union would ever ever ever suggest it.

      If the did sugest a boycoot and it was TOO successful how many Dunne’s employee would potentially lose their jobs ?? and how many could then not pay their union fee’s ?

      1. Colin

        You’re suggesting that a sizable enough portion of the consumer sector of Ireland care enough about worker rights to boycott every Dunnes Store in the country? And in doing so, cause enough economical damage for long enough that they will bend to the pressure? What planet are you on?

        If it was successful, you’d literally be playing into the hands of Tesco, Aldi and Lidl, none of which have Irelands interests on their minds, in workforce or economically.

        I’m all for workers rights but suggesting boycotts is lunacy. If you don’t agree with your conditions, fight them as best (And logically) you can and / or better yourself so you can put yourself in position to have some choice in your hours.

        1. Soundings

          Seemed to work well enough by in the late 19th century.

          But here’s the reason I’m confident it will work. A fortnight ago when the Dunnes workers did go on strike, there was no picket on a local store of mine. The local newspaper said that was because there were no, or very few Mandate members at that branch. I passed that store twice that Thursday mid-morning and at 5.30pm, and there was not a single, repeat, not a single browser or customer in that store. In this day and age, you don’t need a picket for a retailer in a highly competitive sector. Just make the call. The mainstream media will report it. The social and non-mainstream media will report. Half of us have Facebook. Many of us are on Twitter. We’ll get the message.

          A boycott means Dunnes can’t victimise union members because all they know is the union is driving the boycott, and Dunnes don’t recognise unions.

          All it needs is for Mandate to call for the boycott, tell us the start date and end date. Maggie will cave.

          And remember, we still need stick 2,000 calories down our gobs each day, so we’ll just switch to better retailers, which will probably start additional recruitment. Win-win-win.

    2. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

      I am showing my solidarity with *all* Irish retail workers by buying everything from Amazon.

  2. Mr. T.

    We want to buy your bread
    We want to buy your bread cheaper
    We want to buy all your bread even cheaper
    We want to buy all your bread even cheaper again
    We don’t want to buy your bread anymore
    We want to buy your bakery for nothing
    ……and employ you as the baker on a zero hours contract

    1. Grosse Bite

      @ Mr. T.:
      The only line you missed was;,
      We’ll buy our bread somewhere else and make your recent expansion a burden on you, you sucker. Then we’ll buy YOU!!’

      I worked for Dunne’s Stores a long time ago. (30yrs+)
      That’s how I imagine it goes nowadays, because that’s how it went then.

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