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  1. Annie

    Surely Rachel Callaly’s (O’Reilly) family should be given some chance to sell this house without the media drawing attention to this fact? Remember her family still have her children to take care of and could possibly do with the proceedings from the house. It only frustrates the family by posting these photos to ramp up the macabre voyeurism. Do they not have the right the quietly put the house on the market?

    1. Pob

      Her mother mentioned they were selling it on national radio las week, I appreciate what you’re saying, and would tend to agree, but she brought attention to it herself.

      1. Cian

        That’s why ads like this usually have a note requesting people to “research the history of the property”, or a similar euphemism for that. This doesn’t seem to.

        House will sell if only for the site alone anyway

      2. Eoghany

        I would think if you take all the swathes of Victorian / Georgian red bricked houses of Dublin, there’s a reasonable chance murder was committed in a good few of them down through history. Maybe none quite as notorious or gruesome in fairness.

      3. Parp

        “would you not be a little annoyed if you bought the place and found out someone was murdered there?”


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